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Book Nerd Problems: Calling Somebody by a Character’s Name



Book Nerd Problems: Calling Somebody by a Character’s Name

Has a character ever felt so real to you that you’re honestly a little surprised when you realize they aren’t an actual person in your life? But it’s okay, because we have family and friends who are just as endearing in our lives and—oh, what’s that? Oh, we accidentally called you by the name of one of our favorite YA characters instead of your own?
Okay, listen, it’s not our fault that they seem so real. Or that we’re basically thinking about the book 24 hours a day…
Have you ever slipped up and called someone by a character’s name? We have to admit we totally have, but usually only when we’re super absorbed in whatever book we’re reading. It’s not like they can be mad at us! Isn’t referring to them as our favorite character like, the sincerest form of flattery or something?

Calling Somebody by a YA Character’s Name

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