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37 Book Cover Redesigns That’ll Make You Do a Double Take


37 Book Cover Redesigns That’ll Make You Do a Double Take

33 Book Cover Redesigns That'll Make You Do a Double Take

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest—that’s impossible. Book covers are some of the most stunning pieces of art around, and how many times have you picked up a book simply because of a killer jacket? (And then got hooked on the epic story, obviously.) The design process is a fascinating one, and we love to chat with our design department about the work that goes into some of our faves.

Something especially cool about covers is that, sometimes, they get makeovers. So, yes, we are now telling you to judge a book twice. There have been a fair number of book repackages in YA, of classics and newer favorites alike, and it’s so fun to see the brand new looks! Whether it’s typographic, photographic, or somewhere in between, it’s so interesting to see the different takes on all the books below. Flip through the covers below to see if you have a fave repackage, and don’t miss out on a single one of these epic stories!


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