Book Nerd Problems: A Holiday Shopping Distraction


Book Nerd Problems: A Holiday Shopping Distraction

It’s that time of year! You know, the time of year where you go out and get gifts for your friends, family, and loved ones. Everyone needs to make time to do their holiday shopping but you know what our biggest obstacle is? The bookstore. You know the struggle – how could you just pass on by?! The answer? You can’t so you don’t.

But it’s okay! As book nerds, this is probably that one time of year that we can gift all our favorite stories to ~encourage~ our loved ones to finally read that one book you’ve been telling them about for ages! And since they now have the book, no excuses right?

Well, that is, if you actually…buy the book for other people. Not books…for yourself.


A Holiday Shopping Distraction 🎄



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