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Book Nerd Problems: Falling Victim to the Insta-Buy



Book Nerd Problems: Falling Victim to the Insta-Buy

Fact: Only leaving a bookstore with one book is an accomplishment.


We don’t know what happens to us every time we walk into a bookstore. It’s like we black out and suddenly come to in line, no less than six books clutched in our arms as the cashier calls us forward to pay. And like, we do. We want the books. It wasn’t a mistake. But it’s impossible to leave without a decent new pile, even when we tell ourselves that we’re going in “just to look.”

And readers, that’s why, as part of this year’s *Book Shimmy* Awards, we’ve partnered with Barnes & Noble for a brand new award! You can find out all the details here, but it’s called the Insta-Buy Award, and it’s for that book that caught your eye, the one you just couldn’t leave without. A Barnes & Noble near you will have directions on how to vote, and trust us when we say you want to—the store with the most votes will win their very own Epic Reads event!

But in the meantime… enjoy this book nerd problem that fully conveys the issue we have every time we find ourselves surrounded by new books.


Falling Victim to the Insta-Buy


What’s the last book you impulse bought? Let us know in the comments!

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