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Book Nerd Problems: Too Many Different TBR Lists


Book Nerd Problems: Too Many Different TBR Lists

We here at team Epic Reads are reading, approximately, eight times as many books as there are people right now, and that’s partly because we are TERRIBLE when it comes to prioritizing our TBR lists. How are we supposed to pick just one book to read next when there are so many that deserve our attention?! What happens if we’re reading a romance and suddenly want a fantasy, or need something cute to combat the grim, gritty retelling we’re in the middle of? Plus, we have our Goodreads to-read shelf, those pics we took of the books at the store, that note we keep adding to on our phone, our literal shelves…
It seems like we will never be able to properly catch up with everything we want to read, but that doesn’t mean we won’t try. WE WILL READ THEM ALL. But if you have any advice… let us know.

Too Many Different TBR Lists

Find the books featured in this Book Nerd Problems:


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