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12 Podcast Recommendations for Book Lovers


12 Podcast Recommendations for Book Lovers

12 Podcast Recommendations for Book Lovers

Full honesty here: When we’re not reading, we’re usually on our phones. Sorry! It’s true. In a world where blue screens follow us everywhere (wow, typing that sounds way too sci-fi for our liking), it seems like everyone’s trying to find a way to limit screentime. So, what can we do when we need a break from screens and the written page?

Podcasts, duh!

Not only are podcasts entertaining and addictive, there are also so many. Rather than mindlessly scrolling your fave social media app, just download a few podcast episodes before your commute to school, work, or the gym. And whether you’re a podcast fanatic already or looking to subscribe to your first-ever audio show, we have a list of book-themed podcasts for you that will fill the literary void in your heart (and ears!). Scroll down and check them all out.


12 Book Podcasts



1. Remember Reading Podcast

Do you remember reading Charlotte’s Web or Series of Unfortunate Events? What about Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark? Featuring interviews with kids and authors as well as audiobook excerpts and archived clips from legendary writers, this nostalgic podcast is delivers all the feels.

Featured Review: “Quickly paced, very professional, and insightful.


2. 88 Cups of Tea

This podcast uncovers the life of YA writers—from the writing process to the challenges of publishing a book. This show features authors like Tomi Ayedemi, Victoria Schwab, Leigh Bardugo and more!

Featured Review: “Yin is amazing and so is this podcast!”


3. The B&N YA Podcast

Is Barnes & Noble your go-to store for finding YA books? This pod seeks to uncover the stories behind young adult books by interviewing authors like Elizabeth Acevedo, Julie Murphy, and Angie Thomas.

Featured Review: “Wonderful reviews with great writers!”


4. Professional Book Nerds

This bookish podcast is hosted by staff librarians, or “professional book nerds”, who work at an eBook/Audiobook app called OverDrive.

Featured Review: “I have listened to every single episode of this sow.”


5. The Librarian is In

Speaking of librarians…. This one’s produced by the New York Public Library. Frank & Gwen talk about what to read next as well as other literary discussions, from literary dogs to dog-eared pages.

Featured Review: “It’s like hanging with good friends”


6. What Should I Read Next?

This podcast comes from the studio that brought you Dirty John, so you know it’s gonna be good. Have you ever had a book hangover and didn’t know what to read next? On the show, Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy interviews readers and makes recommendations on what to read next.

Featured Review: “I cannot get enough of this podcast.”


7. All the Books!

If you’re looking for book recommendations, BookRiot’s All The Books will tell you about, well, all the books—new releases and backlist—on a weekly basis.

Featured Review: “One of my absolute favorite bookish podcasts.”


8. Just the Right Book

Hosted by independent bookseller, Roxanne Coady, this podcast is about books, authors, and everything lit-worthy.

Featured Review: “Thought-provoking, insightful interviews for book lovers.”


9. Literaticast

This podcast is all about books for children and young adults hosted by a literary agent (and her friends). If you’re interested in reading AND writing, this show will bring you behind the scenes of publishing and author life.

Featured Review: “Funny, informative, concise—everything I want in a podcast.”


10. Adventures in YA

This podcast is laidback discussion for YA fans featuring friendly, informative conversations about books and authors we love.

Featured Review: “This podcast has changed my reading life.”


11. First Draft

Sarah Enni is a master when it comes to interviewing YA authors of all types about how their lives influence their art (and vice versa), and their conversations come across as so casually brilliant that you feel like you’re hanging out in the room with them. Plus, Sarah’s a YA author herself, so she knows the topic from all sides!

Featured Review: “Fantastic interviews! So smart, uplifting, and inspiring! I never miss this podcast, and I’m slowly working my way through the backlist.”


12. Harper Audio Presents

If we’re not listening to a podcast about books, there’s a good chance we’re just straight up listening to an audiobook. And Harper Audio Presents is a podcast series that comes directly from an audiobook team and offers a behind-the-scenes look at new releases, authors, and narrators! It’s perfect for all audiobook lovers.

Featured Review: “Love this podcast. Some of my favorite authors and the audiobook angle is fresh and interesting!”


What’s your fave bookish podcast? Let us know in the comments down below!

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