23 Bookish Venn Diagrams That Don’t Actually Have Any Useful Information


23 Bookish Venn Diagrams That Don’t Actually Have Any Useful Information

23 Bookish Venn Diagrams That Don't Actually Have Any Useful Information

Dear reader,

Do you ever find yourself struck by a truly random idea whilst just casually thinking about your favorite books? We hope so, because such an idea is what led to all the vaguely informative venn diagrams you’re about to see below. We weren’t quite sure what to do once we stumbled upon these findings. Pitch them as limited crossover events? Write fanfiction where the characters find themselves wandering the same worlds? In the end, we just settled for sharing the details with all of you. You’re welcome in advance.

So, next time you find yourself lying awake at night, debating if you should read just one more chapter, maybe creativity will strike. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll figure out what we can do with all of the information we’ve compiled below. Or maybe not! At least we have these cute charts.


23 Bookish Venn Diagrams



1. Broken (Throne) of Glass


2. Strange (Grace) and Fury


3. I Am Number (Four) Dead Queens


4. Star (Daughter) of Smoke and Bone


5. The Raven (King) of Scars


6. Shadow and (Bone) Crier’s Moon


7. There’s Someone Inside Your (House) of Salt and Sorrows


8. Lady (Midnight) Jewel


9. Shatter (Me) and Earl and the Dying Girl


10. Suicide Notes from Beautiful (Girls) of Paper and Fire


11. An Ember in the (Ashes) in the Snow


12. To Kill a (Kingdom) of Souls


13. A Dress for the (Wicked) Fox


14. To All the Boys I’ve Loved (Before) I Fall


15. Salt to the (Sea) Witch


16. All the Bright (Places) No One Knows


17. Crier’s (War) Girls


18. Frankly in (Love) Hate, and Other Filters


19. More Happy Than (Not) So Pure and Simple


20. The Spectacular (Now) Entering Addamsville


21. Clockwork (Angel) Mage


22. Gideon the (Ninth) House


23. They Both Die at (the End) and Other Beginnings


Sorry to inflict you with this knowledge. Let us know of any others you think of in the comments down below!

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