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33 YA Books About Music That You’ll Be Reading on Repeat


33 YA Books About Music That You’ll Be Reading on Repeat

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Whatever your tastes, there’s a perfect YA book about music out there to match. We mean, books and music have always been a classic pairing, but these days there are so many that beautifully blend the two that we couldn’t help but dive fully in.

One of our recent favorites is Let Me Hear a Rhyme, the tour de force new novel by Tiffany D. Jackson. You might know her from her previous shocking, twisting tales, but Let Me Hear a Rhyme incorporates those staples with some larger doses of humor, friendship, and, duh, music. It’s a story about three teens in 1990s Brooklyn as they grapple with the murder of their friend. A friend that just so happened to be a rapper whose rhymes they’re determined to still make famous.

The resulting combination—complete with lyrics from rapper Malik-16—is amazing, and you can actually start reading it right here. We know, we just couldn’t wait. But we were so inspired that we put together our own playlist of YA books with music as a handy guide! 🎵🎶


YA Books About Music


YA Books About Music


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Pop books featured:


Rock books featured:


Classical books featured:


Musical books featured:


Electronic books featured:


Country books featured:


What are some of your favorite books that feature music? Let us know below!

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