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BookShelfies with Kasie West!



BookShelfies with Kasie West!

What does Kasie West’s bookshelf look like? Well, you’re about to find out! This is our new series where we’re asking YA authors to take a selfie in front of their bookshelf, hence, a bookshelfie! Keep scrolling to see the pics and learn a little more about Kasie’s bookshelf!
Kasie West —
Kasie West lives with her family in central California, where the heat tries to kill her with its 115-degree stretches. She graduated from Fresno State University with a BA degree that has nothing to do with writing.
Central Cali!



Tell us about your bookshelfie, Kasie!

Book Shelfie!!! I’ve never done a book shelfie before, but I love to show off my bookcase, so I’m happy to give it a go. As you can see, I have four pictures there. The first, is a faraway shot so you can see my whole bookcase. When we first moved into our house, I was determined to get one that covered the entire wall in my bedroom. And that’s what I did. It makes me so happy. You can see from that first shot that it is divided into three sections.
The first section (the one on the far left) is the YA section. The middle section is copies of my books and some adult fiction and classics. The right section is non-fiction. The second picture above, is a close up of the YA section. It’s supposed to be organized alphabetically by author, but as you can see, sometimes I might just put books sideways on top after I’ve read them…or before I’ve read them…or while I’m reading them. Mostly because I’m too lazy to alphabetize them right then and I think that I’ll do it later. But later never comes. A shout out to some authors pictured in that section: Amy Tintera, Alexandra Duncan, Debra Driza, Robison Wells, Bree Despain.
The third picture above isn’t technically my bookshelf. It’s my nightstand. These are all the books I’m currently reading. Sometimes I just read one book at a time, sometimes I feel the need to read 4 or 5. I don’t know why. My mood maybe. Some authors on my nightstand at the moment: Lindsey Leavitt, Shannon Messenger, Nichole Giles.
The last picture is the far right side of my bookcase. When we got said bookcase in our bedroom, my husband said that he got to have a section. A whole section! And he filled it with boring business, finance, and economic books. You can see how I feel about that section. I’m not sure how he organizes it, maybe most boring first? All joking aside, he loves those books and is constantly trying to get me to read them. I am constantly coming up with excuses why I can’t. Maybe you can help me think of some good ones. I’m running out.
Oh, some of you might notice a certain porcelain doll in the middle of the bookcase. My agent gave that to me as a gift when The Distance Between Us came out. I don’t know how I feel about having a porcelain doll in my room. It both warms my heart (thinking about the nice gesture) and creeps me out (it’s a porcelain doll!), but I guess that’s what I get for writing a book set in a doll store. And we all know I can’t get rid of it or it will haunt me forever. Not that I’d want to get rid of it, my agent gave it to me. (You see the dilemma here?)

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