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BookShelfies With Mindy McGinnis!


BookShelfies With Mindy McGinnis!

Epic Reads presents: Author BookShelfies!
What does Mindy McGinnis’s bookshelf look like? Well, you’re about to find out! This the first of our new series where we’re asking YA authors to take a selfie in front of their bookshelf, hence, a bookshelfie!
Mindy McGinnis
–– She is an assistant YA librarian who lives in Ohio and cans her own food. She graduated from Otterbein University magna cum laude with a BA in English literature and religion. Mindy has a pond in her backyard but has never shot anyone.
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Tell us about your bookshelfie, Mindy!

When Epic Reads asked me to take a Bookshelfie I was immediately flummoxed because this meant I had to pick which bookshelf to use. I work in a library, and I come home to a library. Years of impulse buys, yard sales, library benefits, ARCS and friends-who-write-really-good-books-that-I-need-more-that-one-copy-of has turned my house into a living area / storage facility. I am contractually bound to die there, because moving would be a gargantuan feat.
So.. which shelf? Well, I picked two of my five (three are blocked by books stacked on the floor) and also a couple of shots of my TBR pile. There may or may not a be a nightstand under there somewhere.
How do I organize? Er… maybe I should’ve taken a shelfie from work instead of home. You can see on my Short Shelf that I made an attempt to keep my James Michener together, but he ended up next to Stieg Larsson and S.E. Hinton, which might make for a great romcom, but doesn’t carry much logic shelf wise.
On my Tall Shelf it looks like I managed to put Edith Wharton and Barbara Kingsolver together, which makes its own kind of sense, but Lady Chatterley’s Lover is also hanging out next to The Gates of the Alamo, plus I have no idea what is right over my head because I didn’t even put them spine-out. I also spot a book about how to speak Latin (forgot I had that) and it seems my Complete Shakespeare might be about to take a tumble off the top. I should probably go home and rescue Will.
Oh… the TBR Pile. We have a such a love / hate relationship. You keep telling me you need more attention and I keep saying I need time. One day I’ll be taller than you and we’ll work out a good snuggle height.
And my only tip on reducing the TBR pile is – take the cat off the top.
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