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These Bookstagrams Are The Definition of Shelf Goals



These Bookstagrams Are The Definition of Shelf Goals

These Bookstagrams Are The Definition of Shelf Goals
It’s 2018! It’s a new year and a perfect time to reorganize our shelves to make room for all the amazing 2018 books coming out this year. We took to the bookstagram community to see whose bookshelves we were seriously coveting after and um, WOW, were there a ton to choose from. If we have any 2018 goals, they are to get to the same level of awesomeness as these bookstagrams because they are the definition of shelf goals.
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Now scroll down to get some inspiration for your own bookshelves and get to organizing!

These Bookstagrams Are The Definition of Shelf Goals


1. @emilyjmead

Rainbow spines + gorgeous classic editions + plants = one very aesthetically pleasing shelf!



This little corner of the room is SO inviting. We especially like that there are bookshelves with different heights to mix it up!


3. @createaholic

brb going to the plant store to create a botanical bookshelf


4. @darkfaerietales

As if the display of pops, mugs, and candles didn’t give us enough envy but this set-up even has a HAMMOCK CHAIR.


5. @ranas_bookshelf

Another color-cided theme…but with the addition of books facing out! A nice way to share your faves of each color of the rainbow 🌈


6. @soilandoak

Loving this simple and classy set-up 😍😍😍


7. @bibliobanshee

Illuminate your bookshelf with some twinkle lights!

The matching flowers are a really nice touch to these rainbow shelves!! 👌

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You want to know why I’m terrible at the TBR game? I’m easily distracted by shiny new books. The Hating Game by @sallythorneauthor came in the mail today and I immediately started it. Two things I’m a sucker for…Cinderella retellings and Enemies to Lovers. I couldn’t resist a little hate to love romance. I’m 40 pages in and loving it. What are you a sucker for when it comes to books? • Also, I loved this book to pieces. • Day 23 #frenchiefantasydecember }cozy} • Day 23: #allthebooksdec {feel good reads} *** #nightofcakeandpuppets #lainitaylor #littlebrown #bookishrainbow #rainbowbooks #rainbowshelves #shelfie #library #bookstagrammer #bookdragon #booklover #booknerd #fantasy #booksofig

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Must. Get. A. Book. Ladder.

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Heaven 📚. #shelfgoals #books

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