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Like Try Why #1

If you like Pride & Prejudice, City of Bones, or Shiver then check out this week’s LIKE, TRY, WHY!…


What We're Reading: DREAMLESS

We didn’t think anything could be better than STARCROSSED, but DREAMLESS is out-of-this world incredible – action-packed, intricate, funny, and sexy….


Series Recap: Social Suicide

In October 2011 Gemma Halliday resurrected a dying YA genre (mystery!) via her YA debut Deadly Cool. Fast forward six months, and the sequel, Social Suicide, is now in bookstores, picking up where its predecessor left off. But before you delve into the pages of Book 2, let’s recap the daring detective work that took place in Book 1!…


Series Recap: L.A. Candy

The Fame Game hit bookstores on April 3, 2012; but before you race out to buy the new release, lets recap its origins….

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