Character Guide: UNDER THE NEVER SKY



Character Guide: UNDER THE NEVER SKY

The end is here for the UNDER THE NEVER SKY series by Veronica Rossi and to prepare you for the end with Into the Still Blue, here is a recap of the characters taken from Veronica’s early series notes to herself!
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An UNDER THE NEVER SKY Character Guide

Cast of Characters: “From Veronica Rossi’s early series notes to herself”


A seventeen-year-old Dweller who is banished from the comforts of the enclosed city of Reverie to the dangerous outside world, known as “The Death Shop” for its vicious storms, violent territorial tribes, and near-constant threat of death. With Perry’s help, she begins a search for her missing mother, and then races to return to the shelter of her protected city. Later, her actions become crucial to the survival of her entire society.

Perry (Peregrine)

An eighteen-year-old Outsider from the Tides tribe. An archer, Perry is also a Seer (heightened vision) and Scire (possessing the ability to scent emotions and instincts in others). Reluctantly he teams up with a Dweller, Aria, in order to solve the mystery of his kidnapped nephew, Talon. Perry becomes a leader, assuming responsibility for saving his tribe—and countless more.


Along with Caleb, Aria’s best friend in Reverie.

Consul Hess

One of the leading political figures in Reverie. Father of Soren.


Aria’s mother. A doctor on assignment in another Pod, Bliss, when she goes missing.

Olivia (Liv)

Perry’s sister. A Scire, like Perry. Involved in a romantic relationship with Perry’s best friend, Roar. Liv is married off to the leader of another tribe, Sable, in exchange for food for her tribe, the Tides.


Best friend to Perry. One of the tribe’s strongest Auds. Roar’s ability goes beyond the norm; he can hear thoughts when touching someone. In a romantic relationship with Perry’s sister, Liv.


A Dweller. Son of Reverie’s preeminent authority figure, Consul Hess. Hacker. Troublemaker. Disturber of the peace.


Perry’s older brother, Talon’s father, and leader of the Tides tribe.


A girl from the Tides tribe who was once involved with Perry. A strong Seer and excellent archer.


Vale’s and Mila’s son, and Perry’s nephew. Talon and Perry have a strong, unbreakable bond.


A twelve-year-old wanderer whom Roar finds in the borderlands, and whom Perry takes under his wing. Cinder has the unique ability to manipulate the Aether, causing harm to others.


A friend to Perry and ruler of Delphi, a safe place on the Outside that has been able to utilize technology.


Brooke’s little sister. Disappeared the previous year.


Thirteen-year-old girl from the Tides. Spark plug. Always accompanied by her beloved mangy mutt, Flea.


A Scire who leads a roving band of fighters called the Six. Becomes a mentor and father-figure to Peregrine.

The Six

With Reef, a group of fighters who become Perry’s close friends and preeminent warriors.


The Tides’ backbone. A healer with a knack for delivering words of wisdom when they’re most needed.


The Tides’ chief builder, and Molly’s husband. A giant of a man who is one of Perry’s principal supporters.


Leader of the Horn tribe. The man to whom Liv is betrothed. A ruthless political figure, and the most powerful Outsider.

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