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We Hope You’re Paying Attention: Claire Legrand is an Author to Watch


We Hope You’re Paying Attention: Claire Legrand is an Author to Watch

We Hope You're Paying Attention: Claire Legrand is an Author to Watch

Claire Legrand has taken over our 2018 TBR’s with not one, but TWO epic stories that we could not be more obsessed with. Ready to take a dive and change your book nerd lives?

First came Furyborn, the start of an epic fantasy trilogy that released earlier this year. The mythology was complex and delved into the epic worlds of saints and angels, all on top of layered, gorgeous writing. And her latest YA novel, Sawkill Girls, just hit shelves this fall! It’s the creepy, haunting, suspenseful, feminist AF horror novel we’ve never needed more. Oh, and you might already recognize her name from her iconic middle grade novels, too!

You might think these opening paragraphs have already supplied a sufficient enough of an explanation of exactly WHY you should be watching (and reading) Claire Legrand… but if that’s the case you’ve grossly underestimated how much we have to say on this subject.


Why Claire Legrand is an Author to Watch:


Reason #1? FURYBORN

Calling all blood queens and sun queens! Furyborn is the beginning of Claire’s Empirium trilogy and it stole our fantasy-loving hearts with its inventive world-building, high stakes magical trials, steamy romances (of both the slow burn and spontaneous varieties), and of course—the two girls at the center of it all who stole our hearts and prepped them for inevitable shattering—badasses Rielle and Eliana. Best of all? Furyborn sets the stage for an epic second book (with hopefully more Corien?!), which leads us to…


Reason #2? KINGSBANE

Get ready because Claire’s not done! The second book in the Empirium trilogy hits shelves next summer and we’ve already got a cover and prologue. Go ahead and gasp at the cover. Then gasp your way through Furyborn, then please revisit that article to gasp your way through the prologue. We don’t want to spoil too much about these books if you haven’t read them, but the Furyborn opening was unlike any start we’ve ever read. And Kingsbane? It’s keeping on track. So, once you’ve recovered, let’s move on to:



Sawkill Girls is one of those genre-defying books that comes around every once in a great while and totally captivates you. It’s haunting, supernatural, feminist, genuinely terrifying, powerful, beautiful, suspenseful… it’s basically all the things, and if you haven’t moved this one straight to the top of your TBR pile, you aren’t doing October right. We could say more—but Claire said it best in her Goodreads description:

Sawkill Girls by Claire Legrand

We NEED y’all to read this book so we can talk about these girls and the power wielded between them. We need to talk about Sawkill Rock, and then we need to all get our most comfortable blankets and light our fall candles and READ IT AGAIN!


Reason #4? These books are Feminist AF

Sure the genres are slightly different, but the common theme these books have in common is the strength of girls—against any and all odds. Whether they are taking on a patriarchy-inspired monster on an island or the entire GD fantasy society they live in, these girls are here to write their own rules and we are obsessed.

In summation, please head to your nearest bookstore, library, or smart device and begin reading the works of Claire Legrand right now! Be sure to follow her on social for updates on her awesomeness and check out a sneak peek of Sawkill Girls right now!

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