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The Most Important Friendships in Literature, According to the YA Community


The Most Important Friendships in Literature, According to the YA Community

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We all know YA plots can get pretty intense. And dark… and twisted… and sometimes borderline terrifying. Which, if we’re being honest, we love. But you know what else we love? All those friends in literature who have each other’s backs no matter how twisted things get, or how miniscule chances of success (or even survival) may seem.

As usual, Tiffany D. Jackson’s latest book, Let Me Hear a Rhyme, left us feeling all kinds of ways. But one thing that really stood out was the amazing friendship that served as the catalyst for the whole story. After their friend Steph dies, Qadir and Jarrell (plus Steph’s sister) decide that they cannot let their late friend’s talent go unnoticed. This sets them on a path to make their murdered friend a rap star, and in the process, they end up risking everything to find the truth and get him the recognition he always deserved. Talk about ride or die.

Get ready to laugh and cry and be generally stressed—because this is a Tiffany D. Jackson book, after all. But if you aren’t here for these friends succeeding against all odds, your heart is officially on ice. In honor of this epic friendship, here is the definitive list of epic friendships.


24 of the Best Friends in Literature



1. Kenji & Juliette | Shatter Me


2. Zoya & Genya | The Grishaverse


3. Jamie & Charlotte | A Study in Charlotte


4. Will & Jem | The Infernal Devices


5. The Covey-Song Sisters | To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before


6. Safi & Iseult | The Witchlands


7. Katniss & Finnick | The Hunger Games


8. Simon & Clary | The Mortal Instruments


9. Karou & Zuzana | Daughter of Smoke and Bone


10. Ronan & Blue | The Raven Cycle


11. Jules & Arsinoe | Three Dark Crowns


12. Inej & Nina | The Grishaverse


13. Aelin & Lysandra | Throne of Glass


14. Ben & Dylan | What If It’s Us


15. Starr & Maya | The Hate U Give


16. Ada & Corinne | Iron Cast


17. Rose & Lissa | Vampire Academy


18. Cinder & Thorne | The Lunar Chronicles


19. Alice & Ellery | The Hazel Wood


20. Josie & Delia | Rayne & Delilah’s Midnite Matinee


21. Chaol & Dorian | Throne of Glass


22. America & Marlee | The Selection


23. Simon & Penny | Carry On


24. Hermione & Polly | Exit, Pursued by a Bear


What’s your favorite friendship in YA? Let us know down below, or reply to the original thread over on Twitter!

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