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Community: What Are Your Favorite YA Road Trip Books?



Community: What Are Your Favorite YA Road Trip Books?

What are your favorite YA road trip books?
If I wanted to go on a road trip without actually leaving my apartment, the best way to do that is to read a road trip book! Have you read many YA books where a road trip takes place? If so, I want to know which ones are your favorites!
Not only do I want to know which books are your favorite, but also where they go on said road trip (at least the starting and ending points) so I can create a super awesome infographic made up of your recommendations!

How To Recommend Your Fave YA Road Trip Books

1.) In the comments below! Don’t forget to tell us where the characters go on their road trip!
2.) Tweet @EpicReads with your recs with the hashtag #RoadTripYA (Use the hashtag so I can keep track of them later!)
3.) Show us on Instagram! Get creative and show us your favorite road trip YA books with a visual representation of them on Instagram! Please use the hashtag #RoadTripYA and tag us so I’ll be able to find them!

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