Cover Reveal and Interview: Across a Star-Swept Sea



Cover Reveal and Interview: Across a Star-Swept Sea

We are so honored to be given exclusive access to the new cover for ACROSS A STAR-SWEPT SEA – the companion novel to For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund! Not only that, but we had the opportunity to ask Diana a few questions about this upcoming novel.
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BEHOLD! The glorious cover:

Cover reveal and interview: Across a Star-Swept Sea

BEHOLD! The glorious interview with Diana Peterfreund:

1. Across a Star-Swept Sea is the companion novel to For Darkness Shows the Stars. How do the two fit together?
Across a Star-Swept Sea is a companion novel. It takes place at the same time as For Darkness, but in a different part of the world: the two volcanic, tropical islands of New Pacifica. The people there are the last survivors of the wars that devastated the planet, and they terraformed the islands, which they thought were the only livable lands left on Earth. Unlike Elliot’s ancestors, these people are fine with technology and embrace genetic engineering, which is why they’ve not only cured the horrible brain disorder known as Reduction, but they also have lots of fun genetically engineered animals, bio computers, and even dangerous (according to some people) drugs known as “genetemps.”
The main characters in Across a Star-Swept Sea are Persis Blake, a teenage aristocrat who takes desperate measures to secretly rescue people who are being tortured in a bloody revolution; and Justen Helo, a young scientist and revolutionary who is beginning to realize just how twisted the goals of his people have become.
Like For Darkness Shows the Stars, Across a Star-Swept Sea is inspired by a classic work of literature. This time, it’s The Scarlet Pimpernel, which is a story about a daring spy who rescued prisoners during the French Revolution’s reign of Terror.

2. We think the jacket for Across a Star-Swept Sea is absolutely stunning. What do you like best about it? As a former cover model, can you tell us a little bit about the experience of modeling for book jackets?
Thank you! (Confession: this cover is currently my desktop image and cell phone wallpaper, too). I always imagine what the cover of the book will look like when I’m writing it, and this is exactly what I pictured. It’s a miracle. I love the way her dress turns into sea spray. I love the whole look of Persis. They really nailed it, from the dress to the stars to her awesome hair.
I think the experience of the model on this cover was probably very different than mine. I posed for a photographer making stock images, so I wasn’t trying to be a particular character, whereas in this case, the model was specifically chosen to play Persis. They even showed me a picture of her beforehand to make sure we were on the right track. and the photographer worked with the art department to make sure everything was right, including that extraordinarily perfect wig.

3. If you had to pick 5 adjectives to describe Across a Star-Swept Sea, what would they be?
Obviously, the first one would be “frockalicious,” which was the code word I used to use on my blog as I was writing the book. Four others: thrilling, flirty, lush, and twisty.

4. In Across a Star-Swept Sea no one knows the true identity of the Wild Poppy. If you were a mysterious spy, what would your name be?
I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

5. What are you looking forward to reading in 2013?
I’m actually just hoping to have some time for reading, full stop. I’ve been so busy recently, that I still have a bunch of books from 2012 I haven’t gotten to yet! I have a copy of Shades of Earth by Beth Revis sitting on my desk calling my name. I’m also dying to read Scorched, by Mari Mancusi (September), which I’ve heard called The Terminator… with dragons! And then there are some books coming out soon that I’ve been lucky enough to have already read, like Hammer of Witches, the debut of Shana Mlawski, which is a fantasy novel set during Columbus’s voyage to the New World; and Man Made Boy, which is modern day twist on Frankenstein, by Jon Skovron.

6. What kind of research did you do to write Across a Star-Swept Sea?
 Of all the research, the best part was looking at scores and scores of dresses and other high fashions to concoct Persis’s and her friends’ extensive wardrobes. I loved looking at really avant-garde stuff, and I think fashion conscious readers will note a definite Alexander McQueen flair to many of her outfits. In fact, people who want to follow along can check out the Across a Star-Swept Sea Pinterest page, where I put up a lot of inspiration photos. (

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