Cover Reveal: The Blood Between Us by Zac Brewer



Cover Reveal: The Blood Between Us by Zac Brewer

Behold the beautiful cover for THE BLOOD BETWEEN US by Zac Brewer! The book goes on sale May 3, 2016.

About the book

Growing up, Adrien and his sister, Grace, competed viciously for everything. It wasn’t easy being the adopted sibling, but Adrien tried to get along; it was Grace who didn’t want anything to do with him. When their scientist parents died in a terrible lab fire, there was nothing left to hold them together.
After years apart, Adrien and Grace are now forced to reunite for their senior year, at the elite boarding school where their parents were teachers. Being back around everyone he used to know causes Adrien to examine the person he’s become, even while being back around Grace turns him into someone he doesn’t want to be. But all those questions are cast aside when Adrien starts to suspect that Grace might be stealing their parents’ research and claiming it as her own—or worse, that she had a hand in their deaths. Suddenly, the only questions that matter are whether she’s guilty, and if so, what Adrien is going to do about it.
With his signature mix of snark and darkness, New York Times bestselling author Zac Brewer spins a coming-of-age mystery about the insidious limits of labels and the ties that bind just a little too tightly.

Now, feast your eyes on the cover!

THE BLOOD BETWEEN US by Zac Brewer - on sale May 3, 2016
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Isn’t this design beautiful? The same artist we used for the cover of The Cemetery Boys, Alex Cherry, was tapped again for this cover!
This is the first book Zac is publishing under his name. Previously, he published the bestselling The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod and The Cemetery Boys under the name Heather Brewer.

Here is a letter from Zac to you:

Zac Brewer
My Dearest Minion Horde,
For many years now you have purchased, read, sold, and reviewed the books that I have published under the name Heather Brewer, and I have appreciated every kind word, every nod of support, every moment that you have gifted me of your time. Together, we have been on many adventures, felt All the Feels, and faced all sorts of monsters. And so now we begin a new adventure, with new feels, new monsters…though of a different sort.
In case you haven’t heard, I’ve recently come out as transgender and as gay. This is not only vital to my happiness and survival, but also it is my gift to you—the gift of trust. This is the last secret that I have to tell, and so I’m shouting it proudly into the world and asking that you trust Uncle Zac as much as you ever trusted Auntie Heather. We are the same person, after all.
The story within these pages is unlike anything that I have ever written before, and I am enormously proud of it. In it, a boy named Adrien will hunt for the definition of family, face the shadows of his past, and through it all, he will hurt. But with pain comes understanding, and so I hope that you and Adrien will walk that road together, and find something of substance in the questions that you’ll both ask along the way.
But the biggest part of Adrien’s journey, I think, is in his refusal to be defined. Many people have their opinion of what label should be slapped on Adrien (Is he gay? Asexual? Bisexual? What?), and this is a theme that was important for me to explore. Especially now. For much of my life, people have been trying to figure me out, to place a label on me, to define me. But in the end, this is something that only I can do. The same, my Minions, is true of you. Only you get to say who and what you are, when and if you so choose. But no matter what, know that I will be there at your side, cheering you along….as I always have.
I hope you enjoy my latest creation. Oh, and tell Maggie I said hi.
All My Love,
Uncle Zac

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