Cover Reveal: THE JEWEL by Amy Ewing


Cover Reveal: THE JEWEL by Amy Ewing

Cover reveal for THE JEWEL by Amy Ewing on!
THE JEWEL piqued our interest with the description but now after seeing this cover, consider us officially first in line to snag a copy of this debut YA novel from Amy Ewing.


On sale: September 2nd

The Jewel means wealth. The Jewel means beauty. The Jewel means royalty. But for girls like Violet, the Jewel means servitude. Not just any kind of servitude. Violet, born and raised in the Marsh, has been trained as a surrogate for the royalty––because in the Jewel the only thing more important than opulence is offspring.
Purchased at the surrogacy auction by the Duchess of the Lake and greeted with a slap to the face, Violet (now known only as #197) quickly learns of the brutal truths that lie beneath the Jewel’s glittering facade: the cruelty, backstabbing, and hidden violence that have become the royal way of life.
Violet must accept the ugly realities of her existence . . . and try to stay alive. But then a forbidden romance erupts between Violet and a handsome gentleman hired as a companion to the Duchess’s petulant niece. Though his presence makes life in the Jewel a bit brighter, the consequences of their illicit relationship will cost them both more than they bargained for.

After reading that description, are you emotionally prepared to view this stunning cover?


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THE JEWEL by Amy Ewing - Coming this September! - See more @HarperTeen cover reveals on!

How did Amy Ewing come up with the idea for this novel? Find out below!

First of all, I have to say how absolutely thrilled I am with this cover! It’s a very scary thing for an author, knowing that someone will design a reader’s first impression of your book, and the team at HarperTeen did an amazing job. I am so incredibly awed and grateful.
The concept for The Jewel came from a lazy Sunday afternoon I spent watching movies on basic cable. Taken came on TV, and I thought to myself, “Sure, why not? I like Liam Neeson.” For those of you who haven’t seen it, there is a scene when his daughter (the one who gets taken) is paraded onto a stage and bid on by powerful men who want to buy her as, essentially, a sex slave. As I watched that scene, I wondered to myself what it would be like if, instead of men, it was women bidding on her. Why would a woman buy another woman? I thought at first it would be to carry their children for vanity purposes. Why go through nine months of hormones and stretch marks and dietary restrictions when you can have some other girl do it for you? Slowly the idea evolved to the point that these women needed these girls. That generations of inbreeding had caused too much chromosomal damage, and that these surrogates had the power to fix it. And so, the Auction was born, and Violet’s story came to life.
I was at the end of my MFA program in Writing for Children at the New School, and about to enter my thesis semester. The book I had been working on for most of my time at school had just been soundly rejected by about a million agents, and I’d finally acknowledged that it just wasn’t the right first project. So I put all my focus into The Jewel. I was so fortunate to have an amazing peer group of writers to guide and support me that semester, as well as an absolutely wonderful thesis advisor. I somehow managed to finish the draft and revise it twice in those four months, and when the time came to query again, it was a very different experience than with my previous book. Within two weeks, I had signed with my amazing agent, and two weeks after that I had a deal. Needless to say, it was one of the best months of my life.
It is such an exciting, frustrating, humbling, terrifying, wonderful thing to write and sell a book. I look at this gorgeous cover and still can’t quite believe that it will be wrapped around my words, that it will be on a shelf where others can see it. All because of a little story that came into my head one lazy Sunday afternoon watching bad action movies.
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