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Check Out This Enchanting Crown's Game Character Art


Check Out This Enchanting Crown's Game Character Art

Check Out This Enchanting Crown's Game Character Art
It’s safe to say that it was love at first line with The Crown’s Game‘s Vika, Nikolai, and Pasha. Today we’re taking it a step further and revealing The Crown’s Game character art created for these three *epic* characters! Get ready because you’re about to fall way, way deeper in love with this Crown’s Game trio. And ICYMI: The Crown’s Game crew will be back for more magic, royal intrigue and epic showdowns in the The Crown’s Fate, on sale May 16th. Check out these amazing renderings of these three below!

The Crown’s Game Character Art



Credit: Charlie Bowater
Vika is the fierce and feisty enchanter who stole the hearts of two best friends in The Crown’s Game. She’s small in stature but has some mighty magical powers and a winning spirit. While she may not be someone you’d want to face in a magical battle to the death, she’s also kindhearted and loyal. We think this art perfectly captures all of Vika’s fiery personality!


Credit: Charlie Bowater
Nikolai is the dapper and suave man about town who also happens to be one of the empire’s two enchanters. He’s best friend to the tsarevitch and a total fashion plate – but don’t let that fool you. Nikolai’s also a deep soul with a mysterious past and heart of gold. Nikolai wants to do the right thing for his friend and country, but when he falls for the girl he’s supposed to defeat, where will his alliances lie? We think this art perfectly captures Nikolai’s conflicting emotions, not to mention the fact he’s really really ridiculously good looking.


Credit: Charlie Bowater
Literally the golden boy – Pasha is also the future Tsar of imperial Russia. He’s charming, mischievous and a total softie. But when his best friend and his dream girl have to face off for the chance to become his Royal Enchanter (a competition only one can survive) who will Pasha root for? And how can he root against either? You’ll have to read The Crown’s Game to find out, but we LOVE how this piece captures Pasha’s trouble-making spirit with that smile.

Behind The Scenes

Here is some behind the scenes footage of Charlie creating these pieces. We were mesmerized by seeing the process of making this art!


About the Artist

Charlie Bowater is the amazing artist behind all three of these incredible pieces. She’s a UK based artist and illustrator who’s worked on illustrations and book covers. She’s also an avid reader herself. You can check out more of Charlie’s work on her personal website here, and her #Flawless instagram here!
Now that you’ve seen these characters brought to life – you can start reading The Crown’s Game right now! And get ready for the epic conclusion, the sequel The Crown’s Fate is on sale May 16th.

Who’s your favorite character in The Crown’s Game? Tell us in the comments below! 
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