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Disney’s Frozen vs. Erin Bowman’s Frozen


Disney’s Frozen vs. Erin Bowman’s Frozen

Disney's Frozen VS. Erin Bowman's Frozen via EpicReads
Let the storm rage on, reading never bothered me anyway.
So next week, Frozen (the sequel to Taken) by Erin Bowman goes on sale and Erin thought it would be good to clear the air and help you understand the differences between Disney’s animated feature film and her upcoming young adult book.
First of all, if you aren’t familiar with Taken, here’s what you need to know: Gray Weathersby has grown up expecting to disappear at midnight on his eighteenth birthday. They call it the Heist—and it happens to every boy in Claysoot. His only chance at escape is to climb the Wall that surrounds Claysoot. A climb no one has ever survived . . .
Now let’s get to the differences!

Disney’s Frozen vs. My Frozen

By Erin Bowman


I know it’s technically spring, and the snow is finally melting, and you’re sick of all things winter, but I want to take a moment to chat about Frozen.
But Frozen’s old news, you say. It came out on DVD last month!
Well, I’m not talking about Disney’s Frozen. I’m talking about my Frozen, sequel to Taken, which hits shelves next week .
With me now?

So what can you expect in Frozen? Well, the novel picks up right where Taken left off. Gray is heading west with a group of Rebels, searching for allies who can help them set things right, and the journey isn’t easy. In many ways, it’s not so different from Anna’s travels in Disney’s Frozen.
For example, there’s plenty of this. . .

And this. . .

And this. . .

And this. . .

Naturally, after a few weeks of frigid hiking, everyone’s dreaming about summer.

Everyone but Emma, it seems, who doesn’t complain about the weather a single time in the entire novel.

To be fair, Bree’s a pretty good sport about it too. She’s being her typical self (funny how a person’s strength can also be their weakness). . .

. . . and the only time she gripes about the cold is after a horrible ordeal on a boat.

(The boat Gray & Co. take is far more modern than this one, so things many or may not turn out better than the above gif.)
While there’s lots of overlap between my Frozen and Disney’s Frozen when it comes to wintery landscapes, there’s one key ingredient my novel doesn’t have:

Snowmen. Although perhaps I should reconsider. This guy could really up the stakes in the final scenes.

Anyway, I can’t wait hear what you think of Taken’s sequel. If you pick up a copy of Frozen, please read it and review it and share your thoughts with friends. It will make me happier than Olaf in summertime.

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Erin Bowman knew she wanted to write from the moment she uttered her first “once upon a time.” Now a full-time writer, she lives in New Hampshire with her husband.



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