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A Definitive Guide to the World of the Divergent Series


A Definitive Guide to the World of the Divergent Series

A Definitive Guide to the World of the Divergent Series

It has come to our attention that, because Divergent hit shelves over eight years ago, there are many current YA readers who did not partake in the craze of finding your faction, falling in love with Four, and wishing you could jump from moving trains.

In fact, Team Epic Reads’ own Shannon was among them.

But now that Shannon understands just what made us fall in love with this book (and the dystopian genre in general, TBH), we’re even more excited because now she finally understands all the Bookmoji references we’ve been mercilessly sending her anyway. From Tris being the bad#&s she is to the Dauntless cake you know you couldn’t resist, the Bookmojis are pretty much the perfect guide to either entering, revisiting, or referencing the Divergent series world. And to help everyone, we thought we’d fashion a handy list! Just scroll down and see what we mean.


The Divergent Series: Bookmoji Encyclopedia



Divergent Series: Abnegation

1. The faction that values selflessness above all else

2. The type of friend who would lend you the most anticipated book on their TBR before they’ve had a chance to read it themselves


Divergent Series: Amity

1. The faction that values peacefulness above all else

2. Home to readers who will lie about their love interest preferences so as to not ignite a shipping war

3. The Hufflepuffs of the Divergent universe


Divergent Series: Candor

1. The faction that values honesty above all else

2. Where you go when you need to know if your bookish theories are objectively ridiculous

3. The best faction to go to for recommendations


Divergent Series: Dauntless

1. The faction that values bravery above all else

2. The type of reader who insists on reenacting all the action-packed scenes from the book they just finished reading, no matter how “dangerous” they may be


Divergent Series: Erudite

1. The faction that values intelligence above all else

2. Home of every reader who guesses the ending before finishing the book—and then spoils it for you to prove they were right

3. Unofficial slogan is “I told you so”


Tris Prior
Divergent Series: Tris

1. Divergent queen, equal parts selfless and brave

2. A reminder that being underestimated can serve as great motivation

3. Will stand up for what she believes in and defend her friends to the death


Dauntless cake
Divergent Series: Cake

1. Delicious chocolate cake

2. A reminder that even in a dystopian cityscape, dessert can serve as a comfort and beacon of hope

3. The best way to ensure that Tobias “Four” Eaton attends any social event


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