Download THE CROWN'S GAME Board Game!


Download THE CROWN'S GAME Board Game!

Download THE CROWN'S GAME Board Game!
Now you can play The Crown’s Game …game! No really, we made an actual board game inspired by the new Evelyn Skye fantasy novel!


You’ve landed in a time of turmoil, trysts, and magic in imperial Russia. Your only chance of survival is to outplay your opponents and become the Imperial Enchanter. There can only be one victor.


  • Download the hi-res board here and print it! (Best to be printed on bigger paper if you have it!
  • Game is for 2-4 players
  • Create your own playing pieces using coins, colored paperclips, or draw little figures.
  • For dice you can use real dice, download a free dice app, or go to and roll virtual dice there.
  • All players should roll the dice–the player with the highest number goes first.
  • Follow the directives on the board.
  • Player who reaches the end first becomes the Imperial Enchanter and wins the game! Everyone else dies–sorry!

Here’s what the game looks like! (You can also click on the image below to view it at a larger size!)
Download and print the board game inspired by THE CROWN'S GAME by Evelyn Skye from Epic Reads!
Want to download a high-resolution version of this game? Click here!
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