Check Out These Enchanting Illustrations Inspired By ‘A Dress for the Wicked’


Check Out These Enchanting Illustrations Inspired By ‘A Dress for the Wicked’

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“When I was growing up, the rector of our parish told me, ‘Don’t judge peopple by the way they dress. There can be angels in rags and demons in silk.'”

In A Dress for the Wicked, Emmy, a country girl from the sleepy town of Shy in Avon-upon-Kynt, gets the opportunity of a lifetime—she’s chosen to compete in a contest at an iconic fashion house in the big city. Think The Selection meets Project Runway. Emmy knows she’ll run into hurdles along the way, but the deeper she gets in the competition, the more she wonders if she has what it takes to win a game where high fashion has even higher stakes.

And with betrayal so in style, you know we had to dive deeper into this world. There are so many rich designs, beautiful fabrics, and intricate textures written vividly into this novel that we were inspired to create our own! Scroll down and check out these A Dress for the Wicked designs.


Illustrations Inspired by ‘A Dress for the Wicked’



Emmy’s Fashion House Interview

  • First off, you know we had to include Emmy’s Fashion House interview outfit! It’s a statement piece for sure, especially coming from a place like her hometown.


Emmy’s Design Sketch

  • This is the design sketch that got Emmy in! She submitted this piece and was chosen as one of the exclusive attendees.


Madame Jolene’s Introduction ‘Fit

  • Not to be dramatic, but this might be one of our favorite outfits in all of YA. As head of the most prestigious fashion house in the country, Madame Jolene is ruthless. Her outfits are no exception, and that’s clear in the sharp execution with which she wears this.


Emmy’s First Custom Piece from the Fashion House

  • Each girl receives a custom piece, hand-picked by Madame Jolene, and Emmy’s dress was picked for its simple yet elegant design. It’s suited specifically for her!


Princess Amelia

  • Princess Amelia is the country’s most beloved fashion icon. Emmy admires her fashion sense and risk taking, and admires a picture of Amelia in this very dress, daydreaming about one day being accomplished enough to be in her presence.


Make sure to order your copy of A Dress for the Wicked and remember, sabotage is always in style!

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