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Our Favorite Tweets from the Dumplin’ Watch Party


Our Favorite Tweets from the Dumplin’ Watch Party

Our Favorite Tweets from The Dumplin’ Watch Party

Good morning to Willowdean and Willowdean only.

Alright everyone. By now, you should have watched Dumplin’ and laughed and cried and laughed some more, like we did. It premiered on Friday, and we’ve already watched it one or seventeen times (don’t judge us ok). On one of those many, many rewatches, we brought y’all a lil’ Twitter watch party so you could all join in on the fun!

Don’t follow us on Twitter? (You should!) Missed the watch party? (No worries!) We’re bringing you our fave moments from live-tweet, because we can all use a little more Bo in our lives (PETER KAVINSKY WHO?)


Our Favorite Tweets

From the Dumplin’ Watch Party


Excuse me, Internet? Where can we get a Bo?


Hannah is all of us, tbh


Honestly, this was us for approximately 110 minutes


Bex has some thoughts for you, @WSJ.


We love Sarah Dessen and WE LOVE THAT SHE LOVES DUMPLIN’


Representation is key. Body positivity is key.


Mistleblade gets us.


If this wasn’t one of your favorite moments, did we even watch the same movie??


We said it once and we’ll say it again—GET YOURSELVES A BO.


Woah woah woah woah woah… Peter Kavinsky who?




Tell us your favorite Dumplin’ moment in the comments below!

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