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Enter the "Be the Elite" Contest!



Enter the "Be the Elite" Contest!

Here at Epic Reads, the Selection series is one of our favorites. And now that The Elite is out in the world, we’re trying to figure out what to do with ourselves while we wait (impatiently!) for The One.
We decided that nothing would be more awesome than a video tribute to The Selection—with Barbies. Yes, Barbies. Here’s our rendition of The Selection in 4 Minutes


This video recreates the ENTIRE plot for The Selection. So if you haven’t read it yet and don’t want it to be spoiled. . . don’t watch!

Final spoiler warning!!


Now we want to see what kind of Selection-inspired greatness you can come up with! Even better, we’re celebrating the Selection lovefest with a contest. Four winners will be taking home one of four fantastic, princess-perfect prizes.
Here’s how you can enter to Be the Elite!
Step 1: Choose one of these three ways to enter.
Entry Method #1: Video
Create a Selection-inspired video of your own! It can star you, your friends, Barbies, animation, sock puppets—anything is fair game. For an example, we refer you to our Oscar-worthy video above. 
Entry Method #2: Traditional Art
You don’t have to be a famous sculptor like America’s brother, Kota, to enter using this method. But you do have to create a traditional art piece inspired by The SelectionWhether it’s drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, handmade jewelry, or another artistic endeavor, snap a photo of yourself with your entry and share it with us! Here’s an example of Selection-inspired art we found on Tumblr:

Entry Method #3: DIY Dress
One of the many reasons we love the Selection series is its gorgeous clothes! Create a duct tape or other DIY dress and snap a photo! (Need some inspiration? Check out the amazing gallery for the Stuck at Prom scholarship contest!)

Step 2: Share your entry.
Once you’ve created your entry, share it with us on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or Pinterest with the tag #BeTheElite! You can also post your entries to the Selection Facebook page or the media section of The Selection’s page on Epic Reads.
Step 3: Here’s what you can win!
We’ll select one winner each week to receive one of these Elite prizes—perfect for bringing  the magic of The Elite to your prom, your next special event, or your everyday life (you don’t need a special event to treat yourself like a princess).
Prize #1: A $200 gift card to ‘Tis the season for many dress-up worthy events—graduations, proms, end-of-school-year bashes. Treat yourself to a fun dress (or fabulous alternative).
Prize #2: A princess-perfect tiara. Do we even need an explanation for this one?
Prize #3: A Swarovski jewelry set, including matching necklace and earrings. You can’t #BeTheElite without a little bling!
Prize #4: A $100 gift card to Sephora. It’s the perfect opportunity for an Elite makeover.
Winners will be announced on this blog post every Wednesday from May 22nd to June 12th—so start thinking now and good luck! *This contest is open to US and Canada residents only. Please read the full rules and regulations here before entering!*

Week 1 Winner: @HaleyG

Congrats Haley! We know Kiera loves the watercolor painting of The Selection you made for her and we love it too!


Week 2 winner: KarlaCorona

This is seriously the most amazing thing we’ve seen! Well done, very well done!


Week 3 winner: @LaceyHenderson6

Once again, we are floored the level of talent you guys have. Bravo Lacey, bravo!


Week 4 winner: Murphy Whitlock Greening-Ash!


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