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Epic Adaptations: Looking for Alaska, Dumplin’, & More!



Epic Adaptations: Looking for Alaska, Dumplin’, & More!

Get ready—the Dumplin’ movie is on the horizon and Looking for Alaska has a cast!

In this month’s edition of Epic Adaptations, jessethereader’s very own Jesse breaks down all the latest updates you need to know in the book-to-screen world. And just because the year is winding down doesn’t mean these projects are! We’re so excited for everything still to come, and we know that everything we’ve gotten recent updates for will be making us laugh, cry, or some combination of the two sometime very soon.

Scroll down, enjoy the video, and make sure you add all of the mentioned books to your TBR as soon as you get to the end! Then stash up on popcorn, because this golden age of YA adaptations has only just  begun.


Looking for Alaska, Dumplin’, & More!

Find the books featured in Epic Adaptations:

What adaptations are you most looking forward to seeing? Make sure to let us know!

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