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Epic Reads at New York Comic Con 2017


Epic Reads at New York Comic Con 2017

Epic Reads at New York Comic Con 2017
Comic Con is coming!!! And we are SO ready.
Epic Reads will be at New York Comic Con all four days, from October 5th-8th, and we cannot WAIT to see you guys there. We have a lot going on, so we thought it’d help to round it all up in this handy post and let you know what’s up! You can meet your fave authors, see them speak on panels, get your hands on advance copies, and get some (free) book nerd swag!! We know, right? Epic.
So where will we be? And when? We’ve got all the answers. Just scroll down and check it out!
Can’t make it to Comic Con? One lucky Epic Reader can win a prize pack of everything we’re giving away! It’s not international (we’re sorry 😭), but it is totally worth it.

Epic Reads will be at Booth #2119

… where we’ll be giving away free swag and advance copies of books every day at 12:00PM while supplies last! Stop by for your chance to get:


Meet authors at the Epic Reads Meet-Ups!

We’ll have one Friday, October 6th, and one Sunday, October 8th!


Looking for a panel to check out?

We’ve got some for you! Kristen Ciccarelli (THE LAST NAMSARA), Jodi Meadows (BEFORE SHE IGNITES), and Lauren Oliver (BEFORE I FALL, REPLICA and RINGER), will all be speaking over the course of the weekend! PLUS, a sneak peek at our upcoming fantasy and sci-fi titles, where you can score free books 😍

Here Lie Dragons & Eternal Beasties

When is it? Thursday, October 5th, 2:45pm
Where is it? Javits Center, 1A18
Compelling non-human characters have been part of storytelling, whether as allies or adversaries, protagonists or part of the scenery, since the tradition began. Kristen Ciccarelli (THE LAST NAMSARA) and Jodi Meadows (BEFORE SHE IGNITES) join Tochi Onyebuchi (BEASTS MADE OF NIGHT), Jon Hollins (THE DRAGON LORDS), Tui Sutherland (DARKNESS OF DRAGONS: WINGS OF FIRE), and Sayantani DasGupta (THE SERPENT’S SECRET) in a discussion of the charms and challenges of creating these characters.

The End of the World and Questionable Futures

When is it? Friday, October 6th, 1:30pm
Where is it? Javits Center, 1A24
The best science fiction novels pull from current events and make readers question Could this terrifying, alternate reality come true? With the resurgence of movies and TV shows like Blade Runner 2049 and The Handmaid’s Tale, great works of dystopian fiction shine a light on global issues that affect and impact us all (socially, economically, politically, and environmentally). Lauren Oliver (RINGER) joins a group including Scott Reintgen (NYXIA) and led by Petra Mayer of NPR in exploring the likelihood of the their possible futures.
Plus, there will be an autographing after the event!

How Do I Put This On A Resume?

When is it? Friday, October 6th, 2:45pm
Where is it? Javits Center, 1A18
Stories demand extraordinary protagonists with very specialized skill sets – but how useful are those skills (in whatever ‘verse) once the conflict is resolved? Featuring Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings (ZENITH), Julie C. Dao (FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS), and others, this is one on-the-page to IRL conversation you won’t want to miss!
Plus, an autographing after the event, at Table 23 at 4pm!

Making Ships Set Sail: Fandom & Relationships

When is it? Saturday, October 7th, 12:15pm
Where is it? Javits Center, 1A18
Fandoms are EVERYTHING to us; they’re a space for fans to explore the fictional worlds they wish they could visit, and for them to fall even further in love with their favorite characters. And in today’s interconnected world, fans have multitudes of opportunities to share their passion for their chosen characters and universes, whether classic or contemporary. Join Alisa Kwitney (CADAVER & QUEEN) and others as they discuss their favorite fan interactions, and tips on how you can join the fun!
Plus, an autographing after the event, at Table 23 at 1:30pm!

Calling All Fandoms: A Sneak Peek at the Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Coming Up from Harper Voyager and Epic Reads

When is it? Sunday, October 8th, 1:30pm
Where is it? Javits Center, 1A05
Fandoms are what unite us and bring us together for NYCC every year. So whether you’re looking to find fellow book-lovers to geek out over your favorite stories with, or searching for a new lit obsession, Harper Voyager and Epic Reads have you covered.
Today, Harper Voyager & Epic Reads team members will share sneak peeks at a few precious gems from the coming seasons with you at this interactive panel… and all attendees will walk away with a book in hand!

We hope to see you there!

Don’t forget to stop by and say hi to Team Epic Reads! Come book shimmy with us! 😁

Are you heading to NYCC this year? Hit the comments and let us know! Plus, follow us on Twitter (@EpicReads and @EpicReadsEvents) and on Snapchat (@EpicReads) for event coverage while we’re there!

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