We Teamed Up with Headline to Bring You Bookish Merch!


We Teamed Up with Headline to Bring You Bookish Merch!

We Teamed Up with Headline to Bring You Bookish Merch!

It’s time to take that book nerdiness and embrace it even further. We’re so excited to announce that we joined forces with HEADLINE to create a new line of epic tees and gifts!

We’ve put a lot of thought into this launch, and we owe a lot of thanks to our Insiders community. To them, we want to say: Thank you so much for all of your feedback!! One thing we learned was that you are all very passionate about bookish slogans; the top ones across the board were “I’d rather be reading” and “I have no shelf control,” which, same. So it only seemed right that we embrace these as we move off page and screen for this major collaboration.

Another thing we learned was that we needed to make sure the shirts are soft. This may seem obvious, but it is harder to find quality bookish things than you may expect!! Insiders, y’all were very passionate about making sure the items were well-made. We hear you.

And that’s why we teamed up with HEADLINE!

“Books have always been a huge inspiration for us, so we couldn’t wait to design this collection for Epic Reads fans,” said Jake Ginsky, Creative Director for HEADLINE. “We wanted to create something unique for book lovers — tees that combine a playful sense of humor with bold graphics. We can’t wait to get this collection out there.”

Epic Reads x Headline

Check out the EPICREADSxHEADLINE collaboration here! 

We also snagged FREE SHIPPING for our official launch! Use promo code “EPICFREE” at check out to get free shipping on your order (offer valid through 6/30).

For those of you that will be at BookCon this year, you’ll get to see them IRL first! The ‘It’s Lit’ and ‘I Have No Shelf Control’ shirts will be available and for purchase at our booth—HarperCollins, #2046. Check out what else we have planned for BookCon here!

We’re so excited about this collab and don’t worry, we’ll be bringing more merch to you soon! What bookish slogans do you want to see on our merch? What should we make next?! Tell us all your thoughts in the comments below and maybe you’ll see them in the store soon 😉🛒🤓🛍️

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