The Essential Mackenzi Lee Reading Guide



The Essential Mackenzi Lee Reading Guide

All right, Epic Readers, are you ready for one final Mackenzi Lee book recommendation video? We’re sad to see the superstar author of Gentleman’s Guide and Lady’s Guide (omg have you read it yet) go, but have no fear! We’ll have a brand new author in residence coming your way soon.

But before she leaves us, Mackenzi devoted her final book recommendation video to all of her essential reads! These are the books that, if you approached her, no context, no background, no introduction, she would recommend. And, we’ve got to say, they’re all awesome picks, so we totally understand! Watch below, enjoy the full force of Mackenzi’s book recommendation charm, and, if we may add a seventh title, check out Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy if you haven’t already!


The Essential Mackenzi Lee Reading Guide


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