Everything You Forgot About the Dorothy Must Die Series


Everything You Forgot About the Dorothy Must Die Series

Everything You Forgot About the Dorothy Must Die Series
Get ready for battle with the most Wicked Witches in Oz! YELLOW BRICK WAR, book 3 in Danielle Paige’s Dorothy Must Die series comes out on March 15th, so to prepare you for the fight, we have this recap of books 1 and 2, Dorothy Must Die and The Wicked Will Rise! Let’s click our heels three times and head back to Oz!
Before we get to the recap, let’s revisit this new version of Oz with our mini-docu series that is 100% real and not at all fake.

Want more? Watch episodes two and three!

Characters to Remember:

Amy Gumm: Our pink-haired heroine and possible savior of Oz. Amy is whisked away from her trailer park in Kansas by a tornado and deposited in this no-so-wonderful world. Whether she is now a good witch or a bad witch is definitely up for debate.
Dorothy Gale: After ditching Kansas again and returning to Oz, Dorothy takes over as ruler and is seriously corrupted by magic. Her innocent ruby slippers are now killer red heels that are the source of her power. She loves torturing her subjects into submission and if you haven’t noticed from the title of this series, she really really really needs to die. Read about her rise to power in NO PLACE LIKE OZ.

Glinda: This witch definitely does not live up to her “good” name! Glinda acts as Dorothy’s right-hand gal, terrorizes all the munchkins, and may just have her own dark agenda. Read more about that in the novella THE WITCH MUST BURN.
Tin Woodman, Scarecrow, and the Lion: aka Dorothy’s henchmen. Turns out those great gifts the Wizard gave them (heart, brain, and courage) corrupted them into the worst kind of evil. Learn more about their descent into the dark side of the rainbow in DOROTHY MUST DIE STORIES VOLUME 2!
Revolutionary Order of the Wicked: A group of Wicked Witches determined to stop Dorothy and save Oz. Founding members include Gert, the sweet old lady who was killed by the Lioin (RIP); Glamora, twin sister to the infamous Glinda; Mombi, think of her as the head Witch in charge; and Nox, resident hottie who we Amy develops feeling for. But just how “wicked” these Wicked Witches are is still tbd.
The Wizard: He may have been a phony who was laughed out of Oz in the original story, but now the Wizard has learned some real magic and schemes to take back control of Oz—and possibly destroy Kansas. Learn more about him in THE WIZARD RETURNS.
Ozma (and sometimes Pete): Ozma is a faerie and the former queen of Oz. Dorothy cast a spell on her that caused her to lose her mind so now she wanders around spouting nonsense. Mombi also cast a spell on her (poor girl can’t catch a break!), causing Ozma to develop a second persona who we all know as Pete.
Flying Monkeys: Many of the monkeys have cut off their own wings so that they cannot be controlled by Dorothy (ouch). Monkeys Lulu, leader of the Wingless, and Ollie and Maude show up at key moments to save Amy.
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Moments from the series you need to know:

  • After almost being sentenced to death by Dorothy for some bogus crime, Amy is recruited by the Order and trained on how to use magic. She then returns to the palace disguised as a maid with goal of killing Dorothy (but not much instruction on how to destroy the bitch). Amy witnesses firsthand just how horrible Dorothy and her henchmen can be. Example: when Dorothy finds out her head maid Jellia is working for the Order, Dorothy lets the Lion rip Jellia to pieces and then the Scarecrow performs some twisted experiments, reanimating her corpse so that she can be paraded around the room at a party.
  • At the end of Dorothy Must Die, Amy finally gets some advice on how to kill Dorothy from the Wizard during the Order’s attack on the palace. She must remove the Tin Woodman’s heart, take the Scarecrow’s brain, and steal the Lion’s courage. Luckily, the Tin Woodman chooses this moment to show up and Amy succeeds in cutting out his heart. One down, two more to go.
  • Things get off to a quick start in The Wicked Will Rise! Amy faces off with the Lion and slices off his tail, which is where he stores all his courage.
  • Amy, with Ozma trailing along, ventures out to find the rest of the members of the Order and finally reunites with Nox. Picture slow-motion running, leaping into his arms, hugging, kissing… *sighhh*
  • After their lovie dovie reunion, Amy and Nox end up in Rainbow Falls to hopefully get help from the Rainbow Princess Polychrome. Unfortunately, Dorothy and Glinda show up and an epic magical showdown occurs. Polychrome dies (sob) and Dorothy and Glinda escape with the Tin Woodman’s heart and the Lion’s courage.
  • Amy returns to Emerald City where she finds the Scarecrow dead and his brain missing. She tracks Dorothy to garden where the Wizard is using the heart, brain, and courage for a spell that will destroy Kansas (which is magically linked to Oz) so that he can take back control of Oz. Dorothy kills the Wizard but she and Amy are both deposited back in Kansas.

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Omg what’s going to happen next?! Here are some questions we NEED answers to in YELLOW BRICK WAR:

  1. Now that Amy is back in Kansas, will she see her mother or her high school nemesis Madison Pendleton again? And how will she explain her absence?
  2. Who really sent the tornado that originally brought Amy to Oz?
  3. Is Amy a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?
  4. Will Amy officially be initiated into the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked?
  5. Will Amy return to Oz to finish Dorothy once and for all?
  6. Is Dorothy the baddest bitch out there, or is there even bigger evil lurking?
  7. Will there be a fourth book? Actually, we know the answer to this one already! Yes, there will be a book #4!

Did we forget your favorite Dorothy Must Die moment or character? Tell us in the comments below!

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