Which Fantasy Worlds Are You Actually From?



Which Fantasy Worlds Are You Actually From?

Have you ever been reading a book and really, for a moment, truly been able to picture yourself living in it? Not just in the gorgeous words and spellbinding narrative, but the world itself. We definitely have, and we think that there are just certain elements in fantasy worlds that relate to different readers on different levels. Is there a reason for this? Well…
If our lives were a YA book, we think that this is a sign that we’re actually from those fantasy worlds! Maybe part of our souls belonged to a fierce, dragon-taming civilization, or maybe our minds can relate to the always-working peoples of another island.
Or maybe we just really like those books.
But, because we like to lean into the more exciting side of things, we’re going with the former. So scroll down and take our quiz to see which fantasy worlds you’re actually from!

Which Fantasy Worlds Are You Actually From?

Learn more about the books these worlds are from!


Which world are you from? Let us know in the comments below!
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