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19 Feelings You’ll Only Understand If You’ve Read the Red Queen Series



19 Feelings You’ll Only Understand If You’ve Read the Red Queen Series

19 Feelings You’ll Only Understand If You’ve Read the Red Queen Series

Listen, the Red Queen books are an emotional roller coaster that we never wanted to end.

From the start of book one, straight through the end of War Storm, we experienced more feelings than we could keep track of. And it’s not just Mare’s journey into self-trust and -belief and knowing that she’s the badass heroine we’ve identified with from the start. So many other characters had chances to shine—Cal’s realization, Evangeline’s redemption… and so many more. We experienced so many feelings in fact, that there are some we didn’t even know existed until we read this action-packed series. So, we wanted to see if you all felt the same!

Below is our list of feelings you’ll only understand if you’ve read this electrifying series.




19 Feelings You’ll Only Understand If You’ve Read the Red Queen Series


1. Genuinely not knowing how to feel about Maven

He’s a villain who’s done some atrocious things, so we should hate him. But we’re also lowkey obsessed with him?


2. Wishing you could have every power (and outfit) that showed up on page

We don’t know what we want more—Evangeline’s magnetron powers or the razored white feather and silver dress she wears after being cast aside by Maven.


3. The utter shock at Maven’s betrayal as things went from bad to unbelievably worse

The reveal! The beheading! The battle of the bones!


4. The wide-eyed horror when Mare found Maven’s first note

Just when we thought we’d have a break from the devastation Red Queen‘s ending wrought, we get this?!


5. Stanning #MareCal even when things looked bleak

Mare and Cal’s relationship didn’t always look endgame, but that didn’t stop us from hoping for the best!


6. Knowing that not everyone could survive… but still reading with all of your fingers crossed

We really should have known after the first book, but the end of Glass Sword still caught us off guard…


7. That hybrid-cheer-slash-sigh-of-relief you released when Mare ends Queen Elara

Sure it’s dark but we couldn’t help it, Queen Elara was a nightmare. Though our momentary joy was quickly eclipsed by the fear for what would come next.


8. Simultaneously wanting to happy and sad cry when thinking about Farley’s baby

Happy cry because Clara is a moment of happiness and light during such a dark time but sad cry because you know who won’t be there to see her grow up!


9. Getting annoyed at Mare’s imprisonment… and then getting annoyed at yourself for getting annoyed, because she was really suffering

We couldn’t help but silently beg Mare to escape and end her own imprisonment, but every time we’d just be like, okay, you know what? She wants it to end too!


10. Being confused in the best way when you first found yourself rooting for Evangeline

Getting to read from her perspective was a revelation, honestly!


11. Being completely thrilled when Evangeline helped Mare escape during the wedding

And this was the exact moment that we felt validated in wanting to root for her all along.


12. The total jaw drop when Cal’s grandma showed up

We’ll never forget the moment Nanabel stepped on the scene.


13. The gasp you definitely took when Mare chose rebellion over romance

“You’re not alone, you have your crown,” is permanently seared into our memory.


14. Trying to de-stress during battles by remembering when Cal taught Mare how to dance

Considering your favorite Red Queen moments, we know we’re not alone with this one…


15. Total pride in our fave, Evangeline, when she stood up to her parents

And though we’ll never fully forgive Ptolemus for Shade, this was a step in the right direction.


16. Embracing your book nerd giddiness when you found shout outs to other YA books

Remember Caz and Brecker? Here’s everything else you might’ve missed!


17. Embarrassment every time you remember Kilorn… and realize you forgot he existed again



18. But then absolute relief when he managed to survive the war

That one battle was WAY TOO CLOSE for comfort.


19. The strange, bittersweet peace you had immediately after finishing the series

At least we have Broken Throne to look forward to?

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