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These Epic, Flame-Inspired Bookstagrams Are Straight Fire


These Epic, Flame-Inspired Bookstagrams Are Straight Fire

These Epic, Flame-Inspired Bookstagrams Are Straight Fire

Welcome to another episode of Books Are So Pretty, featuring one of our favorite pastimes—scouring bookstagram for some *epic* photos to share with you! This time around, we wanted to pull together some shots that are straight FIRE (we love puns, ok?) 🔥

Some of our favorite books (and, well, you know we have a love) have some variation of “fire” or “flame” in the title—and couple that with killer stories and gorgeous cover art? We’re sold! From We Set the Dark on Fire to Flamecaster to Seafire, we love a good fiery read. Sound like something you’re into? Scroll down for our latest heart eyes-worthy bookstagram roundup!


16 Epic Bookstagrams



1. This bookstagram is EVERYTHING @thebookorder

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“Sisterhood Is Survival” . Thank you so much to @penguinrandomca for gifting me a copy of Seafire by @ncparker! This ones been on my radar since I heard about it! . After her family is killed by corrupt warlord Aric Athair and his bloodthirsty army of Bullets, Caledonia Styx is left to chart her own course on the dangerous and deadly seas. She captains her ship, the Mors Navis, with a crew of girls and women just like her, whose lives have been turned upside down by Aric and his men. . I’ve been dying to read a YA pirate book, and I think this is going to be the perfect one. I’ve also been hearing pretty good things about it, and that cover is glorious. . What’s one theme have you been meeting to read? Clearly mine is pirates!

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2. A gem from @a_bookish_dream


3. A bookstagram that made our hearts burn @mel.reads.alot

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🔥 A love that could not be contained. A friendship in flames. The love triangle that ignited Chicago’s Great Fire. 🔥 This was the last of the books that were gifted to me for the February prompt of #theunreadshelfproject2019. Thank you to @epicreads and @harperteen for the free book. 🔥 The book description: It’s 1871, and Emmeline is poised to take Chicago’s high society by storm. With her faithful best friend and lady’s maid, Fiona, by her side, all of Emmeline’s dreams are about to come true. And Fiona is delighted by her best friend’s rise to prominence—even if it means living in the shadow of Chicago’s elite. But on the night of Emmeline’s engagement party to the most eligible man in the city, Emmeline is suddenly struck with the memory of a life long ago, a childhood spent in the swamplands of Chicago, and Anders, the boy who she left behind there. Anders, who is now a hot-shot boxer in the bad part of town . . . Anders, who Fiona loves as well. When Emmeline risks everything to see him for a final fling, Fiona can’t help but feel like she’s losing the last thing that was truly hers—her heart. It’s only a matter of time before everything goes up in flames: their friendship, their love, and even the city of Chicago itself. 🔥 My thoughts: Well, now we know how Chicago’s Great Fire was really started! 😉 This book was a bit slow starting, but it soon picked up the pace and was a very enjoyable read for me. The last 1/3 or so of the book covered the actual events of the fire, and it was at this point that I found it impossible to put down. I had to know what would happen next, so I stayed up until 2:30 am to finish it! I enjoyed reading about the life and times of the social elite, and at times this story reminded me a bit of one of my favorite series, Downton Abbey. I thought the story played out nicely, and the love triangle was well done. I fell in love with a couple of the characters. There weren’t really any major twists and everything played out sort of like I thought it would (not that it made the book any less enjoyable, in my opinion). I would recommend this book to anyone who loves historical fiction! My Goodreads score: 4⭐️ 🔥 #whenwecaughtfire

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4. This perfectly framed shot from @inkandpaperwanderlust

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If you had the chance to sail across the ocean, would you do it? . My answer is HELL no. I have seen the size of waves in a storm, and they scare me to death. Can I get a guarantee that I can make it all the way across without a storm popping up? No. Therefore, NO. . . #bookstababesmarch19 day 17 prompt is “on the open sea” and while I haven’t read this one yet, I think it sounds like it’s gonna be a good one! . . QOTD: So, do you think you could handle a voyage across the ocean? What would you fear the most? . . . #bookcommunity #bookstagram #booknerdigans #bookphotography #booklove #book #bookworm #booknerd #bookaholic #bookblogger #reading #readersofinstagram #read #yalit #bookpics #bibliophile #goodreads #bookdragon #bookaddict #bookish #reader #bookstagrammer #igreads #bookishfeatures #bookcover #seafire

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5. We can’t wait for this one! @watchmereadingnerdy

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“Together, we will raise the dunes from the earth, and rain death from the sky. Together, we are capable of anything.” ― Hafsah Faizal, We Hunt the Flame • Happy Friday my lovelies! 💗💗💗 Do you have books you’re looking forward to? ~ I seriously can’t recommend WHTF enough! @hafsahfaizal debut is beyond imaginative and beautiful. Just 2 more months and it’s release day! ~ Today’s #fantasyonfriday prompt is Spring tbr. I try and plan books out to read, but I’m such a mood reader. Here is a tentative(really small) tbr of some books to read this spring. And I can’t wait to get my hands on the final copy of WHTF. • #fantasyreads #springtbr #wehunttheflame #fantasy #2moremonths #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookworm #booknerd #bookaddict #mybookfeatures #theguildedwolves #throneofglass #thelastnamsara

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6. Can’t stop won’t stop staring at this photo @cantstop.wontstop.reading

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happy monday 🔥 . I’m so excited to partner with @heidi.heilig & @harperteen to bring you a great Giveaway for For a Muse of Fire today! 🔥 For my stop on the Giveaway tour I want you to meet FAMOF character Leo. Leo Rath is a strange boy, and it’s not just because of his heritage. Moitie the Aquitan call it. Mixed. But that part makes sense. After all, he was born at ale Perl, where the foreign soldiers come to drink and watch the girls on stage. Still, he’s very young to own a theater, even if the place has seen better days. He must be hiding something… 🔥 For a Muse of Fire by @heidi.heilig is the first book in a new trilogy! It blends traditional storytelling with ephemera for a lush, page-turning tale of escape and rebellion. For a Muse of Fire will captivate fans of Sabaa Tahir, Leigh Bardugo, and Renée Ahdieh. 🔥GIVEAWAY🔥 Enter to win a finished copy of For a Muse of fire – follow me, @epicreads , @harperteen , @heidi.heilig and @storygramtours —tag a friend you think will be interested! 🔥For EXTRA entry🔥 – visit @myfriendsarefiction tomorow and repeat these steps 🔥RULES🔥 – Giveaway will end October 8th at midnight EST – US only – not affiliated with Instagram -must be 18 or have parents permission -must be a public account so I can verify entries 🔥 I’ll put the book summary in the comments… Good Luck Everyone! 🖤 • . . #foramuseoffire #foramuseoffiretour #heidiheilig #harperteen #epicreads #yafantasy #storygramtours #ireadya #bookcover #booksofinstagram #bookstagrammer #flatlay #bookphotography #bibliophile #bookstagram #fall #flatlay #socosy #booksofig #bookdragon #bibliophile #booklover #riotgrams #readersofinstagram

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7. *immediately starts binging the entire series* @readerinthefog

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Hello, friends! How is the second day of 2019 treating you? I did a bit of work this morning but now I’m probably going to spend the rest of the afternoon reading. I’ve got a physical book and an audiobook going so it looks like my 2 books at a time reading pace will continue! 😅 🌲 🌲 Day 2 of January #bookreadhappyhour: Reading Resolutions • Have you made any reading or bookstagram goals for 2019? I did pretty well with my 2018 goals and I also discovered that trying to restrict or force myself to read something causes me to do the opposite. So none of that! • Reading goals: – I am a big library user but I way over requested last year and had so many audiobooks and ebooks just sitting in my account unread. I want to be a bit more selective with my checkouts and return a book if I’m interested anymore. – I also want to use Goodreads to track my TBR so I don’t forget about books. Trying to keep a running list in my head isn’t the best method. – And I’ve set my reading goal at 100 books. I read A LOT last year but I don’t want to feel the pressure to do that again, I don’t want reading to ever become boring or a chore. 😉 • A couple Bookstagram goals: – I really want to get back to doing #underratedthursday posts! I love sharing my lesser known favorites with you all and finding others who love them too! – I’m hoping to do more on my @readerinthefog twitter account. Are you on Twitter? What is your username? I will follow you!! – And I failed at this last year but it doesn’t hurt to try again, take some damn pictures ahead of time!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🌲 🌲 #shatteredrealms #sevenrealms #flamecaster #cindawilliamschima #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #bookish #bookphotography #bookphoto #bookishfeatures #humansofbookstagram #bibliophile #booklove #booknerd #bookworm #bookdragon #booklover #bookaddict #bookaholic #ilovebooks #yabooks

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8. Look at those COLORS! @yatllive


9. Absolutely stunning feature from @storygramtours

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⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️GIVEAWAY⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️ . A curse comes undone. A kingdom shatters. But some bonds can’t be broken. . I have partnered with @glasstownent to celebrate the paperback release of Winter Glass by @proofoflex! This is concludes the dark and stunning sleeping beauty reinvention that began with Spindle Fire. . GIVEAWAY Enter to win a copies of Winter Glass and Spindle Fire TO ENTER – follow me,@glasstownent. @EpicReads, @proofoflex and @storygramtours – tag a friend you think will be interested RULES – Giveaway will end March 4th at midnight EST – US ONLY – not affiliated with Instagram -must be 18 or have parents permission -must be a public account so I can verify entries . #WinterGlassPBtour #WinterGlass #SpindleFire #LexaHillyer #EpicReads #Glasstownent #Retelling #storygramtours #bookhoarder #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #booknookstagram #booksofinstagram #shelfiesaturday #homedesign #booknerdigans #lifestyle #library #bookphotography #librariesofinstagram #booklove #bookishfeatures #becauseofreading #totalbooknerd #pursuepretty #ilovebooks #booksbooksbooks #cozy #hygge

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10. Yes please! @rightbrainred_reads

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Would you rather be the villain or the hero in a novel? Why? 💫 Oh I'm looking forward to the answers to this one. I can probably predict what a few of you will say…but who would be the other half? Tag them so they can either agree or counter! 💫 I've been looking forward to reading this book for ages but for whatever reason it just doesn't quite make it to the top of my TBR. Maybe I need to bring back my physical actual TBR pile that I leave on my nightstand and can't read anything else until I finish that pile. 💫 So far just a lazy Sunday. Hopefully a trip to the pub for some $3 mimosas and pool later. But have work tomorrow so nothing too crazy, just nice to get out of the house for a bit. 💫 #bookstagram #booklover #bookaddict #bookaholic #bookworm #bookowl #bookdragon #bookpirate #booknerd #booknerdigan #bookish #bibliophile #bookphotography #booksofinstagram #reader #readerlife #instareads #instabook #totalbooknerd #offireandstars

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11. What burns brighter, escape, rebellion, or the cover of this stunning book? @mothergamerwriter


12. Nothing but heart eyes for this shot from @emiblogsbooks


13. The crown? The flowers?? The jewels??? Cannot pick our favorite prop here! @spellbound.books26

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So I just finished Spindle Fire by @proofoflex 🖤 This has been a good series so far! It's full of fantasy and whimsy 🌟 I listened to the first book on audio and then went to the library to get the second because I couldn't find it on any of my library apps. But guess what? Winter Glass is not available on audio through any of the library apps or places I use 😭😭😭 It's fine…I bought it in paperback. Fixed that problem! 😂 . Whimsical fairy vial by @alexinbookland_ Swan booksleeve by @bookgizmo . QOTD: Do you listen to audiobooks? Has an audiobook version ever ruined a book for you? . . #fairytale #spindlefire #bookstagram #booksbooksbooks #bibliophile #booksofinstagram #2019reads #tbrlist #winterbooks #booknerd

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14. @lifeinlit‘s photo is pure goals!

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💬 Are you good at keeping secrets? I’m pretty terrible myself. I usually end up saying something by accident at some point. 🙈😂 . Happy Release Day to We Set the Dark on Fire by @tehlorkay! ✨ This is a YA fantasy and it sounds awesome! Check out the synopsis below and be sure to add it to your TBR! 🤓🖤📖 . Thank you to @katherinetegenbooks / @epicreads for gifting me this copy! ________________________________________________________ 📖Summary: At the Medio School for Girls, distinguished young women are trained for one of two roles in their polarized society. Depending on her specialization, a graduate will one day run a husband’s household or raise his children, but both are promised a life of comfort and luxury, far from the frequent political uprisings of the lower class. Daniela Vargas is the school’s top student, but her bright future depends upon no one discovering her darkest secret—that her pedigree is a lie. Her parents sacrificed everything to obtain forged identification papers so Dani could rise above her station. Now that her marriage to an important politico’s son is fast approaching, she must keep the truth hidden or be sent back to the fringes of society, where famine and poverty rule supreme. On her graduation night, Dani seems to be in the clear, despite the surprises that unfold. But nothing prepares her for all the difficult choices she must make, especially when she is asked to spy for a resistance group desperately fighting to bring equality to Medio. Will Dani cling to the privilege her parents fought to win for her, or to give up everything she’s strived for in pursuit of a free Medio—and a chance at a forbidden love? ________________________________________________________ #wesetthedarkonfire #tehlorkaymejia #yafantasy #cozyvibes #booksofinstagram #thebookstagram #readersofinsta #libraryofinstagram #ilovebooks #bookish #bookaesthetic #ofquietmoments #bookstagramming #mybookfeatures #hyggelife #bookfeaturepage #toberead #bookhoarder #pursuepretty #readinglife #bibliophiles #bookpage #booklover #onthebed #yareads

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15. We’re here for any booksta with a dagger, tbh @coffee_hearts_tea

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3.16.19 IT'S SATURDAY!!! Do you have plans? . . Decorative blade no. 2! I haven't taken pics of the 3rd one yet, but they're so fun to swing around!! Today's weather is supposed to be…interesting… it's going to be in the 50°Fs certainly not as nice as our previous beautiful weather of 70°F ( like yesterday 😩) and I'll probably need a jacket or something, but the skies have been great lately so I'm getting out!! . . . #gameoftones #bookphotography #bookstagram #darling #bookaccount #bookishfeatures #bookstagrammer #bookporn #readersofinstagram #bookster  #bookish #igbooks #pursuepretty #reading #booknerdigans #thatsdarling #bookaddict #booklover  #bibliophile #bookworm #igreads #books #flatlay #girlsofpaperandfire #YAfiction #YAfantasy #YAbooks #fantasyfiction #livecolorfully

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16. Look at this gorgeous photo from the mastermind herself! @hafsahfaizal

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I just realized I never shared WE HUNT THE FLAME's new cover here on Instagram! I'm still on deadline for WHTF's sequel and my brain is not where it should be. When you're on the 'other side'—writing and querying and trying to get an agent and/or book deal, there's a peculiar mindset that tells you: all I need is X and I'll have made it. . That isn't true by a long shot. It doesn't get any easier—in fact, I'd say it's HARDER. I'm not saying this to complain, but if you're struggling the same way I am, I want you to know you're not alone. Having a multi-book deal means having to write a sequel on deadline while marketing the first book. It means learning to do all of this while juggling a life, and in my case, a business, too. I know we're supposed to be improving on craft, but the more I write, the less I feel like the book I'm writing is any better. It is, I know this deep down, but when I'm staring at the manuscript, it doesn't feel that way. Anxiety and brains work in terrible ways. . All that said, I wouldn't give any of it up. I'm so grateful for the chance to share my words and my voice. And the sequel is happening! It's slow-going and everything in Arawiya is on fire, but they'll survive. Most of them, anyway. . I'm madly in love with how the new cover turned out. SO happy we got to retain the lettering from the previous design, because not only did I absolutely love the typography, it also feels like a crucial part of the book's branding. @simon_prades did an EPIC job with the art, and I can't wait to hold this thing in my hands. . THREE MORE MONTHS! . . . . . . #writersofinstagram #wehunttheflame #whtf #hafsahfaizal #amwriting #writersofig #authorsofinstagram #novelwriting #bookstagram #bookaesthetics #bookish #fantasyread #bookster #bookphotography #arabiannights #fiercereads #macmillan #zafiraiskandar #arawiya

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