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The ‘Five Dark Fates’ Cover is an Ominous Yet Promising Sendoff to the Series


The ‘Five Dark Fates’ Cover is an Ominous Yet Promising Sendoff to the Series

Five Dark Fates: Banner

The Three Dark Crowns finale is officially happening and we have so many freaking feelings!

After all the shocking twists, powers revealed, and bear attacks, it’s almost time for the final chapter in the Three Dark Crowns series. We aren’t ready to say goodbye to our three favorite sister-queens quite yet (or that potential fourth queen and the mountain cat that stole our hearts). But we are still kind of dying to find out what happens next because the end of Two Dark Reigns basically destroyed us.

While we all have our theories about what’s going to happen next, none of us can so for sure until Five Dark Fates hits shelves September 4th. Well, except for Kendare herself—so we asked her to spill some secrets and tell us fans what it’s like to write the final chapter of this epic series. Brace yourself as usual for all the feels:

I can’t believe the final Fennbirn book is here. I’m feeling a lot of emotions. Sadness. Excitement. Fear. Could someone put me inside a chocolate cake and let me eat my way out until September? I would really appreciate it. 

This last trip to the island is full of betrayals and heartbreak, but also recovery and history revealed. Mirabella, Arsinoe, and Katharine (and the dead queens on both sides) have tricks up their sleeves and moves to make. I hope you love this last leg of their journey. Thank you for coming with them this far.

It’s fine we aren’t crying while simultaneously screaming to the universe to DEFEND BILLY AT ALL COSTS. But now… it’s time to reveal this cover!


Five Dark Fates



Five Dark Fates

  • Designer: Aurora Parlagreco and Catherine San Juan
  • Artist: John Dismukes

Not only are we getting all five gifts on this cover, but can we take a second to talk about that tagline?! We have been begging for these sisters to put their differences (and that whole rite of war) aside in favor of an alliance for three and a half books now—are we finally going to get it?! Will our triplet queens join forces at last?!

Would Jules and Camden even be down for a ceasefire…?

And what about all those pesky dead queens…


Tell us your thoughts on this cover—and all your theories for the finale—below. And pre-order Five Dark Fates today at the links below!

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