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Five Literary Fandoms and Their Fan Art


Five Literary Fandoms and Their Fan Art

This a guest blog post from Sarah Tregay author of FAN ART – on sale this week!
When Jamie develops a crush on his best friend, Mason, the girls in his art class try to get them together by drawing them into a happy ending. With FAN ART coming out this week, author Sarah Tregay wanted to highlight five fandoms and their fan art.


1. Jane Austen

Perhaps the oldest fandom, Janeites have been embracing Austen’s novels for more than 140 years. You may find them visiting historic sites in Britain or waltzing at the Jane Austen Society annual ball. Jane Austen fan art is filled with dashing gentlemen in tailcoats and heroines in empire-waist dresses, and because her characters lived in the same time period, they might even mingle on the page.
Persuasion (Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth) by MadMonaLisa
(Anne Elliot and Captain Wentworth) by MadMonaLisa

2. Percy Jackson

Rick Riordan’s demigod hero and his adventures have attracted a following. Annabeth isn’t the only fangirl to have fallen for Percy’s good looks, fan artists often portray Percy with a mischievous gleam in his eye.

Masters of the Sea and Sky
by Raeistic

3. Sherlock Holmes

With more than 70 actors portraying him in over 200 films, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes definitely has a fandom—complete with several TV series, a museum, and amazing fan art. Whether they are on a bookshelf, the screen, or drawing paper, Holmes and Watson are the most interesting men in the room.

Jealous? | BBC Sherlock by Celticswan

4. Lord of the Rings

From Tolkienists to Ringers, LOTR fans are a complex and diverse group, but that doesn’t get in the way of the breathtaking fan art of Middle Earth.
The Hobbit fan art by AlmightyAkila
The Hobbit
fan art by AlmightyAkila

5. Harry Potter

If you need to take a break from the Muggle Qudditch tournament or put down The Shoebox Project in order to read this blog post, you already know the Harry Potter fandom. This imaginative and prolific group has written more than half a million fan fiction stories, sparked many shipping debates, and created amazing fan art.
After the Match, Before the Party ­­by Clarinetta
After the Match, Before the Party
­­by Clarinetta
Okay, and because Sarah is biased…

6. Jamie and Mason

Although their fandom is fictional, FAN ART characters Jamie and Mason find themselves the subjects of the art geek girls’ poetry and artwork… and fan art drawn for the book.

Jamie and Mason by Laura Gray
Melissa DeJesus illustrated The Love Dare, a graphic short story found in the novel.

The Love Dare, from Fan Art, by Melissa DeJesus

 Have you ever made fan art? Link us to your fan art in the comments below!


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