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Everything You Need to Remember Before Reading ‘The Gentleman’s Guide’ Sequel


Everything You Need to Remember Before Reading ‘The Gentleman’s Guide’ Sequel

Everything You Need to Remember Before Reading 'The Gentleman's Guide to Getting Lucky'

Fellow Gentleman’s Guide fans, we just keep getting luckier and luckier!

We’re officially getting a movie adaptation, courtesy of HBO Max, AND a third novel, The Nobleman’s Guide to Scandals and Shipwrecks, featuring a new character to love, and now the novella, The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky, is finally hitting shelves! It takes place right after the events of The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, and it’s a hilarious and steamy novella about Monty and Percy in the early days of their happily ever after. Our hearts 😍

Trust us, you NEED this adorable sequel novella in your life. And if you also need a refresher on the important things to remember about The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue, we’ve got you covered with a quick rundown. And don’t miss the fun video at the end!


The Gentleman’s Guide Recap



The Irresistible Charm

Monty is a flirtatious rogue who says things like “I’d fall in love with me, if I met me.” He’ll have you constantly LOLing and his rather ridiculous hijinks land him in quite a few tricky situations, like that time he ended up running through the gardens of Versailles without a stitch of clothing on…


The Love Story

Monty has what he thinks is an unrequited crush on his best friend Percy and their will-they-won’t-they romance crackles with chemistry and the most delightful banter. When they finally declare their love for each other we could. not. stop. smiling. Last we saw them, Monty had given up his inheritance and was living happily on a beach in Santorini with Percy—which is exactly where The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky picks up, so prepare yourself for even more swoon-worthy romance!


Felicity the Feminist Icon

Monty’s sister Felicity can often be found rolling her eyes at Monty’s outlandish behavior while pouring over her books, which we fully support because she’s defying gender norms and determined to one day be a doctor. Felicity is definitely the Hermione Granger of this trio because Monty and Percy would have been completely lost, and possibly even dead, without her. If you haven’t already caught up on Felicity’s story in The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy, what are you waiting for?!


Thievery, Highway Robbers, and Pirates

Their trip across the continent goes completely off the rails when Monty steals what he thinks is a useless trinket, but turns out to be a highly valuable object, from a Duke’s room at Versailles. The trio are then chased across Europe by highwaymen and picked up by pirates-turned-allies.


The Hunt for a Cure

Percy has epilepsy and his family wants to ship him off to an insane asylum, which of course Monty is desperate to prevent. So when he discovers that the object he stole contains a key to unlock a chest containing a magical cure-all, he’s determined to find it. But in a fight with the Duke, the cure is destroyed and Monty ends up losing an ear. But it’s okay because Monty and Percy still have each other and they decide to run away from their families and societal expectations and just be together.


So now you’re ready to dive into the hilarious and blissful love story that is The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky! But first, check out this behind-the-scenes video of the audiobook recording session, featuring author Mackenzi Lee and narrator Christian Coulson (who—surprise!—also played Tom Riddle in the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie. We have no choice but to stan.)



About The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky

“The queer teen historical you didn’t know was missing from your life.” — Teen Vogue, on The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

In this funny and frothy novella that picks up where the New York Times bestselling The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue leaves off, freshly minted couple Monty and Percy fumble through their first time together.

Monty’s epic grand tour may be over, but now that he and Percy are finally a couple, he realizes there is something more nerve-wracking than being chased across Europe: getting together with the person you love.

Will the romantic allure of Santorini make his first time with Percy magical, or will all the anticipation and build-up completely spoil the mood?

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