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Get An Inside Look At Veronica Roth's Writing Space


Get An Inside Look At Veronica Roth's Writing Space

Get A VIP Look Inside Veronica Roth's Carve The Mark Writing Journey
Only three days to go until the release of the Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth! Soon enough, we will be graced with this brand new book to devour and hold close to our hearts and place proudly on our shelves because the cover is GORGEOUS! But today, we focus on the making of this book, because Veronica has shared some photos of her writing spaces and we’ve gotta say, they are pretty freaking beautiful themselves.
First let’s take a look at Veronica Roth’s home office where lots of Carve the Mark planning took place

Post-it note enthusiasts rejoice! This is serving as some serious inspiration for us and we are literally making mental notes to up our desk game as we type.

Not only is her visual organization next level, but it’s enhanced with MOOD LIGHTING. Why did we never think of mood lighting? Why have we been spending our existence under harsh fluorescents!?! Tell me you aren’t already fantasizing about all the colorful post its and highlighters you are going to purchase as soon as you’re done reading this piece in order to live your best, most organized life starting today.

Do you get a more classic editing shot than this? Even down to the red pen! (Adding red felt-tip pens to our mental shopping list.)
BUT WAIT – because not all of Carve the Mark was created in this super organized dream of a home office where notes literally stretch to the ceiling and calendars glow beneath vibrant fuchsia lights. Veronica also took her writing on the road, from California to Spain to Holland. Scroll down to see some photos of her travels while working on Carve the Mark!

V snapped this pic while carving a mark in Palm Springs (not literally we hope).

We are totally getting classic movie vibes from this train shot. Veronica’s in Spain here, casually working on her book while the countryside passes by.

She also did some writing in Holland! If you think back to the Carve The Mark map, you might remember that there’s a planet, Pitha, where people live on floating island-cities. Inspiration much?! Honestly, we’d love to take a trip to either one of these places.

And a little bit closer to home, these are from Veronica’s writing adventures out and about in her hometown of Chicago. Who knew that cider and editing went together so well?
We might not be able to follow the currentstream around the galaxy’s edge like Cyra and Ryzek, but we’d definitely be okay with just going international with Veronica Roth.
It’s day 14 in our #CarveTheMarkCountdown celebration – our seventeen day long event where we’re giving you with exclusive Carve the Mark content every day until the release of Carve the Mark, Veronica Roth’s new spacetastic YA novel, on January 17, 2017!
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If you could pick anywhere in the world to go on your own reading retreat, where would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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