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Get Your First Look at the Glittering Glass Sword Collector’s Edition!


Get Your First Look at the Glittering Glass Sword Collector’s Edition!

Get Your First Look at the Glittering Glass Sword Collector's Edition!
Is the RED QUEEN COLLECTOR’S EDITION still the prettiest book on your shelf? Well, it’s about to have some major competition, because the GLASS SWORD COLLECTOR’S EDITION is hitting shelves in October!
And not to be dramatic, but we would die for this book. JUST LOOK AT IT 😍

The simple but stunningly stylized glass crown!! The silver-stained edges!

And we can’t forget the KNEEL OR BLEED tagline that still gives us chills!

And just like the RED QUEEN COLLECTOR’S EDITION, this bookn has brand new bonus content! After WAR STORM, we’ll literally take anything we can get, and this stunning beauty is not disappointing at all! Here’s the official description:
This beautifully designed collector’s edition of GLASS SWORD, the second book in the #1 New York Times bestselling RED QUEEN series by Victoria Aveyard, features:

• Color interior art
• Redesigned cover
• Printed case
• Stained edges
• A bonus GLASS SWORD scene from a brand-new voice
• And more!

Did your heart skip a beat at the mention of a bonus scene from a new voice?! Well, we can exclusively reveal that the new POV is…
*Drumroll, please*
SHADE BARROW!! This scene will be about Shade and Farley in the early stages of their relationship (probably because “early” is the only stage of their relationship…), and if you’ve read GLASS SWORD like us, you’re probably already SOBBING.

Make sure you RISE, RED AS THE DAWN and preorder your copy today! We’re already planning on how we’ll line our shelves with them…


And if you can’t wait

Until October, anyway, for new info from Victoria, we have an exclusive RED QUEEN seres tell all that you can watch right now below!


Are you as excited as we are to get your hands on this?! Let us know below!
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