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Grab Your Glitter! The Selection Coloring Book Is Happening



Grab Your Glitter! The Selection Coloring Book Is Happening

Grab Your Glitter! The Selection Coloring Book Is Happening
If you’re sobbing because the Selection Series has ended, fear not – you can continue to relive your favorite moments of the series with (drumroll please….) The Selection Coloring book, on sale December 27!
Once more with feeling. . .


Color Your Favorite Selection Scenes!

This stunning coloring book (we don’t actually know what it looks like yet but we can just go ahead and assume it’s stunning) will bring our favorite scenes to life with beautiful black and white line art. What are the kinds of scenes that will be depicted? Hmmm…
Ever wondered what it looked like when America and Maxon kissed on the balcony?
Have you been picturing in your head what the Elite members would look like?
Can we talk about America and Maxon’s wedding day!?!??
Excuse me, I’ll be over here just sharpening my pencils in anticipation of it all. These scenes and many more will be beautifully illustrated on perforated pages, perfect for tearing out and displaying.

But it’s not over yet!

Color Your Favorite Quotes!

Besides these beautifully romantic scenes, there will also be extraordinarily detailed hand-lettered quotes of some of our all-time favorite Selection sayings. You know what I’m talking about:
“I’m not choosing him or you. I’m choosing me.” (The Selection)
“Darling, you’re perfect.” (The Elite)
“I’ll love you until my very last breath. Every beat of my heart is yours.” (The One)
“I only have one heart, and I’m saving it.” (The Heir)
“You are everything to everyone. And infinitely more to me.” (The Crown)
Holy chalupas! I’m slowly coming back down to earth.
Now, we don’t have a book jacket or any cool spreads to share with you yet because the book is being created as we speak. We just couldn’t keep the news a secret any longer! In the meantime, you can practice your Selection coloring with this awesome, free one sheet. Do you have the perfect shade of red from The Elite? Is your purple worthy of The Crown? Start coloring now to prepare for the ultimate Selection collection, The Selection Coloring Book!

How to Pre-Order The Selection Coloring Book

USA Friends! Preorder your copy of the book here!
International friends! Pre-order your copy here!
Please note that this is a very new announcement. Keep in touch with your local bookstore about the best way to preorder it!

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