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The Hardest Queen’s Thief Quiz You’ll Ever Take



The Hardest Queen’s Thief Quiz You’ll Ever Take

The Hardest Queen's Thief Quiz You'll Ever Take
It’s been more than twenty years since THE THIEF, Megan Whalen Turner’s first jaw-dropping Queen’s Thief book, hit shelves. There have been three others since, and now, finally, we have book number five! THICK AS THIEVES is officially on sale now, but before you disappear to your reading nooks with the latest installment in this epic fantasy, we thought it’d be fun to test your knowledge with the hardest Queen’s Thief quiz ever!
And yes, these questions were written by the author and legend herself, Megan Whalen Turner.
Can you make the magus proud, or would he send you back to the royal library? Take the quiz below and find out! (If the quiz doesn’t appear for you, click here to take it!)

What’d you score on this Queen’s Thief Quiz? Tell us in the comments below! 

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