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How to do a *book shimmy*


How to do a *book shimmy*

*book shimmy* (noun): A spontaneous shimmy caused by becoming overly excited about a book you are reading.
There are many ways one can perform a *book shimmy* but the basics are just rotating your shoulders (and upper body) back and forth. We recommend practicing the classic to start out, then don’t be afraid to branch out and discover your signature shimmy style.
Here are some variations on the shimmy we’ve seen and captured. (Shimmies originally posted on our Tumblr page here):

Gretchen McNeil’s *Beginner Shimmy*

Inexperienced shimmy-ers may have a hard time getting the movements down right at first and it could be a little awkward. Follow Gretchen’s lead and just have fun with it and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.

Gretchen is the author of Possess, Ten and 3:59

Lauren Oliver’s *Cheeky Shimmy*

As you can see, Lauren’s movements are subtle, but she has added a playful element to it with her cheeky attitude and cute smile.

Lauren is the author of Before I Fall and the Delirium trilogy

Erin Bowman’s *Chill Shimmy*

She’s all like “Chill dudes, I got this shimmy.”

Erin is the author of Taken

Kat Zhang’s *Bouncing Shimmy*

Kat has modified the classic book shimmy with her own flair. She’s still moving her shoulders back and forth, but she has added a bounce and has raised her hands in the air –– and waved them like she just don’t care.

Kat is the author of What’s Left of Me

Veronica Rossi’s *Hair Toss Shimmy*

To achieve this shimmy start out with the classic *book shimmy* and add a fierce hair toss at the end. Bonus points if your hair starts out tied up but comes undone during the shimmying process.

Veronica is the author of the Under the Never Sky series

Romily Bernard’s *Shimmy Explosion*

Caution: Only use this shimmy when a regular *book shimmy* isn’t quite enough to convey your bookish excitement. You might want to stretch first before giving this one a try. You don’t want to pull your page-turning arm!

Romily is the author of Find Me

Tell us, how do you shimmy?


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