If You've Already Read THE SIREN, Here's Why You Should Read It Again


If You've Already Read THE SIREN, Here's Why You Should Read It Again

If You've Already Read THE SIREN, Here's Why You Should Read It Again
Kiera Cass has a new book coming out and it’s not part of the Selections series! But don’t freak out, all you Selectioners will love it, and it’s about Sirens, so yeah.
The Siren was actually previously self-published, but even if you read it, you need to read THIS version. Here’s why…

Kiera’s first book!

Did you know The Siren is actually the first book Kiera wrote? She’s so passionate about the book and wanted to revitalize it and reintroduce it to the world with an updated version. Thank you, Kiera!

That cover though.

That dress. The beach. The ocean. It just needs to be on your shelf. Plus, it will look so good next to those Selection books.
The Siren by Kiera Cass

New and improved plot.

This new version of The Siren has been completely rewritten. The basic story line is the same, but there are new romantic date scenes, more developed friendships, and different character paths. Excuse me, did you see we said new romantic date scenes?

Sirens vs. Mermaids.

Do you know the difference between sirens and mermaids? Well Kiera does! Sirens are complicated creatures that have a darker side we’re not used to seeing Kiera. Without giving too much away, they are bound to serve the ocean for 100 years, their dresses are made from sea salt, and their voices are deadly to humans. What could go wrong?
Quote from THE SIREN by Kiera Cass

The Feels

While The Siren might have a sad side, it has all of the swoony, heart-wrenching romance that only Kiera can write. You will fall in love with Akinli the way you fell in love with Maxon and Aspen…maybe even MORE in love.

Present day fantasy.

You might think this book is set in the past with pirate ships and Prince Eric, or set in a futuristic society with a corrupt capitol and caste system. But nope. It’s set today—with iPhones, Netflix, and all the regular things we’re used to. Except that there are Sirens who live among us and speak to the Ocean. It’s such a cool twist on YA fantasy!


One of our favorite parts about The Siren is the friendships. The sirens are bound to serve the Ocean for 100 years, which would be crazy lonely if they didn’t have each other. Plus, since they can only speak to each other they might as well be friends, right?

It’s vintage Kiera.

Need we say more? Probably not! The Siren goes on sale in bookstores and ebook everywhere on January 26th but we suggest you go ahead and order a copy now!

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