Team Epic Reads is Officially Launching a Brand New Video Series: ‘Is This Real Life?’


Team Epic Reads is Officially Launching a Brand New Video Series: ‘Is This Real Life?’

We hope you’re ready to talk book nerdy with us even more, because ‘Is This Real Life?’ is here!

Here at Epic Reads we like to talk (read: rant and rave) about books all day, every day. One day, once our book haul was finished filming, we decided, hey, let’s just keep the camera rolling! Because the only thing that might be better than a bunch of book nerds reading together, is a bunch of book nerds talking about the books they’ve read together. With ‘Is This Real Life?’ we thought we could combine these two thoughts and launch our brand new video series!

Check out the premiere episode of our new show now, and then scroll down for a special note from our wonderful new hosts—Team Epic Reads’ own Lisa and Mitch!


Is This Real Life?




Hi guys!! Lisa and Mitch here,

from Team Epic Reads and soon-to-be-vlogging fame. We are so excited to launch our brand new video series dedicated to contemporary YA books. The series is called ‘Is This Real Life?,’ and as your hosts, we graciously ask that you make memes of our faces so we go down in history. Thanks!

Why did we create this series? Well, we wanted to answer the question, what are contemporary books? Why should we read books set in our own world, when there are so many amazing fantasy worlds we could escape into instead?! Look, we love lush, creative fantasy worlds as much as the next book nerd, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate books set right here in our own time. We love realistic fiction reads because they remind us that, even in our own crazy, sometimes-scary world we live in—in all its seemingly monotonous and boring routines, traditions, ordinary days—there is in fact magic in every corner we forget to look.

❝ Realistic fiction gives us that fresh lens to look through when our own eyes are washed over in chalky indifference.❞

Also, can we say: we are amazingly proud that the kidlit community is one of the most inclusive communities around! Contemporary books offer us a chance to see the world from perspectives we otherwise might not have considered, which can only do us all good in the long run. Books that entertain while speaking up about real, important issues that need to be talked about more? We’re all for it, and we’re all for making a difference, one page at a time.

Some fun facts about our new series: we are funny (check out that opening—it was not choreographed!!). We talk about books and play bookish games. Our first episode features some awesome book recs, bad jokes, great hair, one curse word, and a M.A.S.H. game wherein Lisa and Mitch discover the fates of their fictional lives. What fictional pet will they have? Which fictional character(s) will be their endgame? Find out the answers to these burning questions and more in the premiere above!

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Who knows, you might even get a shoutout 😉

We created Is This Real Life? to celebrate realistic fiction for all that it is and represents. Now put yourself into a contemporary (reading) corner and get watching!


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