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Kenji’s Getting His Own Shatter Me Novella… and Its Cover Set Our Hearts Ablaze


Kenji’s Getting His Own Shatter Me Novella… and Its Cover Set Our Hearts Ablaze

All right, Shatter Me fans—the time has finally come. We’ve asked for it, and Tahereh Mafi delivered! The Kenji-centric Shatter Me novella, the story that we have been waiting all our lives for, is happening and will be available for March 5th!

It’s the first birthday present that Restore Me deserves, TBH.

That’s right, the next novella in the Shatter Me universe follows everyone’s fave best friend (with the ability to turn invisible), Kenji Kishimoto! Kenji has constantly been an MVP in this series, whether it’s providing comic relief in dire times, or being there for Juliette when she doesn’t have anyone else to turn to. In Restore Me, we got a peek into Kenji’s life before Omega Point, which only made us want to know more about him.

Needless to say (if you couldn’t tell by all the exclamation points), we are ECSTATIC that we’re getting a whole novella from his perspective!! So here it is, the moment you’ve been waiting for: the Kenji novella cover reveal!


The cover of Shadow Me, a Shatter Me Novella!

AKA the Kenji novella of our dreams


Okay WE NEED A MOMENT because this is SO GORGEOUS AND STUNNING AND BREATHTAKING WOW. Seriously, no matter how many times we see it, we get chills. Our immediate reaction that first time was just a series of “OMG OMG OMG.” Then, upon calming down, we noted the change in the color palette. All the previous books in the series have had cooler colors, so the fact that Shadow Me is set aflame is a new direction for them, and a mesmerizing one at that. What could it mean for the next novel, Defy Me?!

We certainly have our theories, but we’ll let you comment yours below.

In honor of one of our fan favorite characters getting time in the spotlight, we wanted to share some of the reasons we love Kenji—a list that will obviously keep growing with Shadow Me!


Our fave Kenji Kishimoto moments:

(And seriously, only choosing five was almost impossible)

1. His ability to reference his own attractiveness in just about any situation:

“Are you out of your goddamn mind? You think we can take on two hundred soldiers? I know I am an extremely attractive man, J, but I am not Bruce Lee.”

2. And his always present and inspiring self-confidence in general:

“I have a pretty spectacular face.”

3. How he deftly balances being hilarious but also providing real talk when necessary:

“Hey, um, I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m looking for a friend of mine,” he says. “Have you seen her? She’s a tiny little thing, cries a lot, spends too much time with her feelings—”
“Shut up, Kenji!”
“Oh wait!” he says. “It is you.”

4. That fact that he cut Warner’s hair:

I gasp. The back of Warner’s head is a jagged mess of uneven hair; entire chunks have been buzzed off.
Kenji cringes as he looks over his handiwork. Clears his throat. “Well,” he says, shoving his hands in his pockets. “I mean—whatever, man, beauty is subjective—”

5. And, all the while, being the best and most supportive friend:

“I’m here for you kid. That’s what friends are for.”

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