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Let’s Get Lost! Can You Find Your Way Out of a Maze?


Let’s Get Lost! Can You Find Your Way Out of a Maze?

Who doesn’t love to explore and go on adventures in the summer? WE DO! But as book nerds, sometimes we like to ~travel~ through the pages of new books from the comfort of our own couch. That way you get to get all of the fun and experience all of the action without having to actually deal with the…less fun stuff. It’s a win, honestly. So with that in mind, we’ve created a labyrinth of a flowchart to help you choose your next read!
All you have to do is enter the maze, follow the paths, and trust your instincts for each obstacle that comes your way…but don’t be worried! No matter where you end up, there’ll be a book to keep you company on your next staycation 🌞🌞🌞


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This is the second in our LET”S GET LOST blog series in partnership with Barnes & Noble! Be sure to check out our epic table of road trips, journeys, and adventures at your local B&N. 

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