Listen to THE SIREN Song!



Listen to THE SIREN Song!

Listen to THE SIREN Song!
Warning: Listening to this song may cause an uncontrollable need to read this book!
Kiera Cass’s new fantasy novel THE SIREN is about . . . well, sirens of course! And in case you’re not up to speed on your mythology, we can tell you that sirens are beautiful creatures (no mermaid tales here though!) that use their deadly voices to lure humans into the ocean by singing an irresistible song.
So naturally, we decided to lure in book nerds everywhere by having an original song composed using the lyrics Kiera Cass wrote in THE SIREN. So have a listen to this  haunting, gorgeous, eerie Siren Song below!

How beautiful are these lyrics written by Kiera? Just wait until you hear the full song when you watch the book trailer here! (And obviously we can’t wait for you guys to read the book when it goes on sale January 26th!)
“Come throw your heart into the waves
Drink me in and come undone”
Anyone else have chills?

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