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218 Thoughts I Had While Reading King’s Cage



218 Thoughts I Had While Reading King’s Cage

218 Thoughts I Had While Reading King's Cage
Okay Epic Readers, today we put our reading glasses down and raise our Scarlet Guard bandanas high. Hoodies are out and crowns are in.
It’s time, it’s FINALLY time, for me to read KING’S CAGE.
Is there even anything else to say?

1. *TV recapper voice* When we last saw our heroes, Mare had been captured by Maven. Ptolemus murdered Shade. Some other things happened, and I don’t completely remember because it has been over a year since I read GLASS SWORD. What are the odds I will be eased back into this?
2. Not good NOT GOOD Maven is not f&#king around
3. I’m actually… gonna go read the Glass Sword recap quick LMAO brb
4. OH okay right Maven and co. took the plane down on their way to the Choke and Mare gave herself up okay yes I’m all caught up I remember
5. Here we go starting for real
6. “Evangeline, her gown spiked with black crystal, is ever the glittering star of such a violent constellation.” She’s so cool wtf
7. I’m gonna be honest I forgot Kilorn existed
8. I hope Mare gets out of here soon homegirl is sounding broken
9. You know if Maven wasn’t so obviously evil I would say Mare is on a weird villain arc
11. “I lunge teeth first,” ew Mare why
12. Maybe Mare and Maven really do deserve each other idk
13. How many chapters is she going to be trapped for
14. I don’t know how much of this whining I can take
15. Like I know she’s being tortured physically and mentally and it must be very exhausting but come on
16. “Wake up. Immediately regret it.” Mood
17. EVANGELINE YES here to shake things up
18. This whole live read is just going to be me yelling about the Samos family isn’t it
19. Oh good she’s finally leaving her room
20. *Gasps* It’s another room
21. No it’s a party!!
22. Every time Mare is like “oh but I thought I knew him!” my eyes roll so far back in my head I think they’ll never see the light of day again
23. You know who Mare needs??? Rhysand
24. Rhysand’s claws would tear Samson to shreds
25. Omg a Cameron POV
26. No offense to Mare like I know that torture is objectively awful but thank god
27. I did not need to read that recap literally all these characters are doing are reminiscing about and being haunted by things that have happened already
28. Could’ve just waited 30 pages and let Mare and Cameron relive the last two books for me
29. Did we ever meet Morrey?
30. “Her condition has begun to show,” FARLEY’S PREGS!!
31. Nothing bad can happen to this child NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPEN TO BABY SHADE
32. “He broods, as usual,” Lol
33. “How many times does one wicked boy have to betray you people before you learn?” Cameron is the smartest character in this book I just decided
34. Tbh I like her a lot better now that we’re inside her head
35. But Mare narrates like a depressed girl on MySpace in 2003
36. Omg no she’s gonna escape
38. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh let this end

39. “The boy I thought I knew,” Oh my goddddd

40. Well you have to give Maven credit he certainly has a penchant for drama
41. I hate when the bad guys are just plain smarter than the good guys I hate this
42. Cal isolating yourself from the bad AND good guys doesn’t seem like the best choice
43. I still don’t know why Mare agreed to do that like jeez let some people die sorry it’s a sacrifice you just obliterated the Scarlet Guard’s odds though
44. Oh my GOD Mare stop FAWNING OVER MAVEN
45. I wish Evangeline would switch sides she’s so cool and also I love her
46. Morritan you silly silly boy
47. Oh my godddd
50. Shifting into Elara wow EVERYONE has a penchant for drama
51. “I find it odd that no one seems to mind that the little king is a bloodthirsty tyrant,” Lollll

52. “It is the queen’s duty to receive guests.”
“Well, I’m not a guest and you’re not a queen, so…”

53. Bad guys. Bad guys everywhere. As far as the eye can see.
54. Wait what?!
55. Evangeline: *does anything*
Me: You are SO COOL
56. What. the. f#&k. just. happened.
57. “Monsters are most dangerous when they’re afraid.” I love this
58. Cal is so intriguing
59. What are you up to, Tiberias Calore the Seventh?
60. Crazy how Maven is firing members of his administration expelling members of his court like that
61. “Maven is already at war, and now he prepares for a storm.”
62. Eurghhh what’s the opposite of shipping
63. Ugh someone fix this poor broken boy of a king
64. Aw and Thomas!!! Ughhhh

65. Me before this book: Maven is an obsessive psychopath who must be stopped before he burns down the world
Me now: My son 😢

66. I am lowkey loving these glimpses into the history books
67. Lol were they all just watching Mare freak out
68. Is that what passes for entertainment in the palace these days
69. Of COURSE he’s going on a coronation tour
70. I like to think I wouldn’t be the type of king who goes on a coronation tour
71. Kings who go on a coronation tour are usually not fit to be kings
72. Mare he is NOT DOING THIS FOR YOU he is doing this to WIN SUPPORTERS
73. Ugh he is strategizing CIRCLES AROUND HER
74. I’m so stressed!!!!
75. Stop throwing Cal under the bus!!
76. Ok honestly Mare’s one-sided repartee with the Arvens is like the Nortan equivalent of a hilarious tweet that doesn’t get as many likes as it deserves
77. “We could lose you in a storm like this,” she says, knowing a response won’t come, in a bid to appreciate her own humor. I understand you Mare. I understand.
78. “Corvium. It’s a massacre.” *Cut to Cameron* *Record scratch* *Freeze frame* Yeah, you’re probably wondering how I got stuck in the middle of THIS bloodbath
79. I want an epic cinematic masterpiece of a Red Queen movie but also one where Cameron constantly looks into the camera like she’s on The Office
80. Dang I forgot this all started with the Scarlet Guard manipulating Mare
81. These poor kids are so f#&ked up
84. Omg is it gonna be a Cal and Cameron team up?
86. This is not a Cal and Cameron team up >:(
87. Oh Morrey noooo
88. “The Scarlet Guard will kill you for what you are!” Haha well F#&K
89. “My friends are so close I could run to them.” Run to them Mare!! Run to them!!!!
90. Can we acknowledge that the worst things about the Arvens are their names
91. I like to think that Mare would be a different person if she’d ever heard a Lorde song
92. Ohhhhh my god
94. “She is relieved.” Or just live your life and be happy I guess W/E
95. I am so here for whatever Iris is up to
*Two long months pass.*
Me every morning trying to get out of bed
97. Mare: *mentions Cal*
Me: Aw Cal
98. “His bed is strangely small. Built for a child,” I wonder if Maven would have a racecar bed if those existed in Norta

99. “Evangeline has willingly accepted the role of the girl scorned and cast aside. Her dress is metal so iridescent it could be made of pearl, with razored white feathers and silver inlay throughout.”

100. I want to be at this wedding
101. Partly because it seems beautiful but mostly for the drama of it all
102. Omg omg omg what’s happening
104. “And a bloody crimson scarf wrapped around her wrist.”
105. “The screams of fear become screams of pain.” Boy am I glad I am not at this wedding this is not the drama for me
106. “Caz, Brecker, with us!” Ha
107. Evangeline…
109. “You lost your brother. Don’t take mine.”
112. Yeeeeeeessssssssssss
113. “After six months of darkness, I finally feel the light.” I am LIVING
115. Ohhhh my god
116. Oh my god that was amazing
117. What a WEDDING
118. And now an Evangeline chapter wow this is just getting better
119. Tolly lol
120. Omg good Elane is still around and waiting
121. Ugh ONCE AGAIN leave it to a greedy middle aged man to ruin everything
122. The sheer fact that Mare was concerned with Cameron’s survival just proves that they were all so wrong about her questionable intentions like sure she messed up but she never saw the Newbloods as just people to use
123. Btw where is Morrey lol
124. I can’t believe Cal just made a pun
125. How long has this boy been waiting to make that pun
126. “Didn’t want to overload you,” Nerd!! He’s a nerd!!!
127. Who tf is leading the Scarlet Guard
128. Is it a man??? I don’t trust them
129. Omg I’m so happy for the Barrow family I’m so happy they’re finally getting a single happy moment in these times of overwhelming loss and distress
130. I think this is the first time in three books I’ve been glad to see Kilorn
131. Were they ever love interests I don’t even remember
132. Glad they’re not now though I’m here for the BROTP
133. Aw good for Kilorn actually doing something

134. Mare: We could be betrayed.

135. Lol Cal and Kilorn are friends now I love it
136. “’Ah’ is all I can think to say.” Big mood
137. “I’m command now.” Yo
138. I hope Farley’s baby has Shade’s eyes
139. “A person with cold steel instead of a heart.” YOU THOUGHT
140. I’m so glad Julian and Sara are still around I don’t even necessarily like them but they’re like the Nortan equivalent to an old person eating alone at a restaurant
141. Oh my god wait are they
142. Omgggg they are
143. Oh wow and in the mud and everything
144. Ugh
145. Is it really an OTP if they’re actually allowed to be happy
146. !!!! Aw good for Sara

147. Evangeline: There are no birds here
Me: Aw
Evangeline: Because we would Hunt Them
Me: Oh

148. Ok maybe this greedy middle aged man has not ruined everything yet
149. Ugh nope this greedy middle aged man is definitely going to ruin everything
150. “I suppose now, with the whisper queen gone, the oblivion queen can return. And return she has.” Yesss go get them Anabel get Cal his throne
152. OMG
153. Aw Evangeline 🙁
154. But Mare apologizing to Cameron :’))))
155. Did she just forget about Kilorn LMAO
156. The most relatable thing Mare Barrow has ever done
157. And then we have Julian walking around the base like a retired gym teacher #bless
158. Mare’s ability has a name!!
159. She’s legit now!!!!!
160. Omg and they all have their own color lightning that’s so cool I love this
161. Although “Storm Hill” they’re not the most creative bunch are they
162. “A jaw sharper than the edge of a cliff” might be one of my favorite descriptors ever
163. I’m screaming he calls her Nanabel
164. A WHIP OF LIGHTNING I want it
165. Oh brain lightning ALSO CASUAL nice
166. “Then, to the surprise and delight of more than a few people, he pulls his shirt clean off and tosses it to the side.” Ok Tiberias

167. Update they fought I did not want to put the book down to comment but thoughts included:
• Cal… buddy… cool move
• I want to watch a movie of this
• MARE you scrappy lil thing
• Ur both so scrappy!!! Jeez
• I love it

168. Mare went to the Leslie Knope school of Guys Love It When You Can Show Them You’re Better Than They Are At Something They Love
169. Omg are we going back to Corvium
171. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

172. King’s Cage but Cal is Nick Miller

173. I only have like thirty pages left I’m so overwhelmed
174. “He hugs me first, lifting me clean off the floor. The giant lets loose one sob into the crook of my neck.” Bree is amazing I demand more Bree
175. Omggg the earring stop
176. If Farley punched me in the face I would thank her
177. “At least now she has her own crown,” Ugh Cal literally we all wish that was the case
178. Omg he alluded to marriage there is no way they will both survive this series and live happily ever after but a prince can dream

179. “It should be sunrise by now, but the sky ahead of us is black.”

180. Oh no
181. Oh nooooo
182. Tiberias “I won’t kill Silvers, but—oh, wait, they’re Lakelanders? No, yeah I’ll totally kill those Silvers” Calore the Seventh
183. This just sounds AWFUL
184. Omg!! He was on the list!!
185. “On the wall above us, a fireball churns in the black storm, a torch against the false night. Cal’s fire spreads and strikes in a snake of flame. The red heat turns the sky to scarlet hell.” Give me a (well-adapted) movie of this
186. Would you rather have your insides ignited and blown up or your neck snapped idk
187. AH
188. EUGH
189. Eugugughhhh that was gross stoneskins are gross
190. But omg I love team electricon
191. Something’s going to happen to one of them isn’t it
192. Oh my god she is OVER THE WALL
193. How is she doing all of this with a broken wrist I stub my toe and I’m out of commission for a solid hour
194. NANABEL 🙌
195. Omg GO MARE GO
196. This is so much there are so many things
197. Evangeline is my QUEEN
198. “For once, I don’t remember the manacles.”
200. The fact that the last chapter is from Evangeline’s point of view worries me ever since Allegiant I don’t trust anything
201. Ugh of COURSE Maven got away
202. Can Evangeline and Mare rule together?
203. Jk Mare would be an awful queen
204. Are you telling me Evangeline is just going to drink wine and assume none of it’s been poisoned
205. Both in this particular situation or like, ever
206. Cal’s SPEECH I love him
207. “Long live Tiberias the Seventh,” Ughhhhhhhh
208. “I slap him across the face.” YES B#TCH
209. Omg
210. Ooooomg

211. Cal: Maybe I should be king…

212. “You aren’t alone. You have your crown.” Oh my GOD
213. I just screamed
214. I can’t believe this book redeemed Mare for me I thought that was impossible
215. But also Cal didn’t really have a choice so like ugh
217. “Somewhere in the distance, somewhere in my bones, thunder rolls.” I just got chills
218. Oh my god I am so freaking excited

THAT WAS AMAZING thank you all for sticking with me through this eventful and trying time. We can all struggle to wait for the final book together. But also did you see the Red Queen Collector’s Edition? I can’t wait to read it all again and truly live my best #aesthetic life.
As always, drop a comment below and let us know what you want me to tackle next!

Have you read KING’S CAGE yet? What did you think of the reading (or re-reading) experience? Let us know in the comments below!
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