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Can You Spot These Easter Eggs in the Love, Simon Movie?


Can You Spot These Easter Eggs in the Love, Simon Movie?

Can You Spot These Easter Eggs from the Love, Simon Movie?
The wait is finally over!! We watched the trailer. Then we watched again it like seven more times. We followed the cast across social media. And OBVIOUSLY we went to go see it in theaters this weekend. Love, Simon, the film based on SIMON VS. THE HOMO SAPIENS AGENDA by Becky Albertalli, is finally here!
With our multiple viewings, we were able to notice some iiiinteresting things in the trailer, things that made the fan girl/boy in us scream! We’re talking some major Easter eggs! And after talking to the incredible Becky Albertalli, we’ve got the hook up on even more content we missed on the first few viewings! Check out all the details on Easter eggs and behind-the-scenes content from Becky below, and see if you can spot them in the movie!

See if these trailer Easter eggs made it into the movie!


1. Simon’s Bookshelf

Being that the film is based on a young adult novel, it’s only fitting that Simon’s bookshelves be lined with YA books from some of our faves! We’d be lying if we said we didn’t squeal when we noticed! How many notable YA books can you spot on the shelves?
Love Simon Easter Eggs: Book Shelf
Love Simon Easter Eggs: YA Books


2. Cafeteria Cameos

You’ve got to pause on the cafeteria scene in the trailer to catch it, but there are some really cool cameos in there!
Love Simon Easter Eggs: Cafeteria
Love Simon Easter Eggs: Cafeteria 2
Firstly, there’s Becky herself in the back of Creekwood cafeteria talking to some students. Also visible, from left to right: Youtubers Doug Armstrong, Riyadh Khalaf, and Megan Hughes.

3. Math Class

Becky’s assistant, Matthew Eppard, can be found in quite a few scenes as an extra–most prominently in math class, sitting right behind Bram during a test Simon should be paying more attention to 😂!
Love Simon Easter Eggs: Math Class
Love Simon Easter Eggs: Matt

Next, see if you can spot these behind-the-scenes sneak peaks in the film!


4. Simon’s Bedroom

We can tell you right now you’re not ready for this! Simon’s bedroom is genuinely a book nerd’s dream! There are SO many Easter eggs and shout-outs to other fandoms our hearts almost can’t take it! Be sure to spot as many as you can while watching the movie!

Simon’s Chalkboard Wall

Love Simon Easter Egg: ChalkboardLove Simon Easter Eggs: Becky Was Here

Easter Eggs include…

  • The Elliott Smith quote that inspired his Simon’s email address in the book
  • “Team Golden” – crossed out and replaced with “Team Classic” as a nod to the Becky/Adam Silvera/Angie Thomas Oreo war seen on Twitter
  • The Banana smile bear– this was a little bear Becky drew on all her notes, friends’ hands, everywhere when she was in high school, named “Nipper.” She and her best friend made up a whole series of stories about him
  • The grimace from the cover of another Becky book, The Upside of Unrequited
  • “Becky was here” in a Simon speech bubble


Simon’s Bulletin Board

Love Simon Easter Eggs: Bulletin BoardLove Simon Easter Eggs: Hamilton

Easter eggs include:

  • A Hamilton playbill (Simon is a confirmed Hamilton fan in Leah on the Offbeat)
  • A Hufflepuff badge, Simon’s Hogwarts house, of course
  • A hat from the Varsity
  • A Zesto sticker


Simon’s Room Decorations

Love Simon Easter Eggs: PosterLove Simon Easter Eggs: Cat FlyerLove Simon Easter Egg: Sticker

Easter eggs include…

  • An Elliott Smith poster
  • Tons of Atlanta insider references (Criminal Records, Fox Bros BBQ, etc.)
  • A cat painting that Becky just so happens to have in her living room as well! That cat is an Atlanta icon!


5. Young Simon’s Bedroom

There’s even an Easter egg in young Simon’s bedroom! The nightlight clock with the moon, mentioned in Leah on the Offbeat, is based on a clock owned by Becky’s friend Kevin Savoie when he was little.
Love Simon Easter Eggs: Clock

6. Martin’s Desk

Simon isn’t the only teen reader in the movie, see if you can spot the copy of Mosquitoland by David Arnold on Martin’s desk!


7. Winter Carnival Poster

In the movie, the carnival takes place at “Drarry Downs,” which is a nod to Simon’s favorite Harry Potter ship – Harry and Draco.
Love Simon Easter Eggs: Simon
Love Simon Easter Eggs: Carnival
The movie’s graphic designer, Haley Keim, is a huge Potterhead, and she’s responsible for this, the Hufflepuff badge, and every other Harry Potter reference in the film. She and her team got special permission from JK Rowling to include them!

8. Halloween

The Halloween party Easter egg is definitely up there as one of our favorites in the film!
Love Simon Easter Eggs: Adam and Becky
Try finding Becky and her best author friend Adam Silvera—decked out in a pink unicorn onesie—during Garrett’s performance of Meghan Trainor at the Halloween party.

9. Lunch Courtyard

Another social influencer to make a cameo in the film is Sean O’Donnell. Keep an eye out for him when Garrett is going around inviting people to the Halloween party in the school’s courtyard.

10. Soccer Coach

The Creekwood High soccer coach is Robbie Rogers, who was the first openly gay man to compete in a North American professional sports league. He’s a pro soccer player, and he’s married to Love, Simon director Greg Berlanti.

And that’s a wrap! Get it? Because we’re talking about a movie… 🙃🙃🙃
We don’t know about all of you, but we’re headed to the theater again tonight to see just how many Easter eggs we can spot in the film. Let us know in the comments how many you were all able to spot, and if there’s anything we missed!!

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