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‘Loveboat, Taipei’ is Getting the Film Treatment from the ‘To All the Boys’ Team!


‘Loveboat, Taipei’ is Getting the Film Treatment from the ‘To All the Boys’ Team!

'Loveboat, Taipei' is Getting the Film Treatment from the 'To All the Boys' Team!

Pack your bags, everyone! Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen is being adapted into a movie, which means that it’s time for us to take a trip to Taiwan! Okay, fine, maybe we all have responsibilities so can’t actually just up and go, but wouldn’t that be amazing?! At least we can celebrate. ACE Entertainment—the company behind To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Irreplaceable You—is the one adapting Loveboat into a movie!


Quick hits for ‘Loveboat, Taipei’


Loveboat, Taipei introduces us to 18-year-old Ever Wong, who is sent by her parents to Taiwan to study Mandarin the summer before she’s supposed to begin med school in the fall.

But Chien Tan, nicknamed Loveboat by its students, is nothing like Ever expected. She enters a world filled with nightlife, snake-blood sake, and even love. This summer, Ever is determined to break all the rules she’s lived by her whole life, and it’ll be one she’ll never forget. We can guarantee you’ll fall in love with the entire cast—because, yes, Team Epic Reads is still debating between #TeamRick and #TeamXavier.

If Crazy Rich Asians made you fall in love with Singapore, then Loveboat, Taipei is sure to make you fall for the rich culture and glamour that Taiwan has to offer.

There’s no word on a date just yet, but you can read more about the announcement right now and scroll down for some quick hits!


The Cast

Though we don’t have any official news regarding the cast yet, you can meet the characters (and the stereotypes they break) here!


Keep checking back for updates! And in the meantime—are you as pumped as we are to see Loveboat hit the big screen? Let us know down below.

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